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Sunny bids farewell to her cow on Invincible Youth


People say dogs are man's best friend... but how about cows? The big day of departure for Sunny, Yuri, and HyunA has arrived, as their final broadcast will be going on air in Korea on the 11th. Although their last filming session took place nearly a whole month ago, the three girls' farewell episode still hasn't been aired until now. On this bittersweet episode, it's been said that Sunny has had her last moments with her everlasting buddy, Pooreum the Cow. According to the filming staff, Sunny had personally prepared Pooreum's food with red and teary eyes, bidding the cow her final farewell. Somehow aware of Sunny's melancholy, the cow was also seen shedding its giant tears. Meanwhile, the new owner of Pooreum will be decided once the newcomers get settled into the show. The producer of the show promises that some sort of competition will take place in the future to decide the cow's brand new owner, so make sure to stay tuned for that. This teary episode will air on June 11th.

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