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EXO's Baekhyun reaches 8 figures in followers on Instagram!

By yckim124   17 days ago   26,812   8,388   0



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EXO's Baekhyun is another million rich on Instagram!

As of July 3, Baekhyun has joined the 8 figure club, reaching a total of 10 million followers on his social media account, where he shares various posts including handsome selcas, fun videos, and more for his loving fans. 

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If you're not yet one of the 10 million, you can start following Baekhyun @baekhyunee_exo!

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    2. instagram

    ARMY_Princess 17 days ago

    Who in EXO has the most followers and what is their number of followers?

    Belgexotic ARMY_Princess 16 days ago

    Chanyeol with 11.2M

    ARMY_Princess Belgexotic 16 days ago

    Thank you :)

    lulu9992 17 days ago

    he's so cute

    Hails_Baldwin 17 days ago

    what does 8 figures mean?

    beyondordinary Hails_Baldwin 17 days ago

    akp is referring to how many numbers so 10,000,000

    Hails_Baldwin beyondordinary 13 days ago

    Ohhh thank you 😊

    kimmiefonze 17 days ago

    Baekyun with the good hair.

    Thebirth 17 days ago

    All EXO members are so loved on Instagram despite not posting as much. Do people prefer them for how handsome and their personality. Only their Albums have huge sells, the rest don't. So why do people like them? Can someone honestly answer this to me. (No Hate)

    eve_shiny Thebirth 17 days ago

    i was accidentally became their fan after watched they performed on MAMA award 2013... and i can stop loving them since then.. i dunno the real reason... hahahaahaha.. i just love them..

    Baekhyun_Stan Thebirth 17 days ago

    I got into them during the teaser era. I'm not sure. There is something about Exo that just draws you to them. Their sound is incredibly unique and their personalities all shine really bright. I think they have a large following on social media because fans are always eager to see what they're up to. Especially now with a comeback drawing near. Sehun and Chanyeol also update regularly.

    EXOBiasedBBH Thebirth 15 days ago

    what made me love them in the first place, was their music and performances (i remember watching their live stages with Playboy at first), peope judge them without knowing their albums and singing skills are really great, Exact had a lot of great nontitle songs and then For Life... (CBX is my love as well and their japanese album Girls, honestly really has great songs) but people dont bother to check them unfortunately. beside their music skills, and let me tell u that they have some great sm vocals there (CBX, DO, Suho has really nice voice but hes underrated). their personality got me into liking them more... its not easy to see i think especially if u are only getting into them. ive watched showtime but even it didnt impress me, but their concerts and how they interact with fans and how they act really made me love them more... check their albums and individual songs at first... like enjoy their music at first, then u can slowly check their other acts, for me when they are on stage they are real pros .... tbh its hard to explain.. i was really into kpop year ago, and i stanned every group(i listen to others now as well), but sth about exo became more special to me . .... lol sorry for it... just wanted to say that their music is really great...and their personalities are great as well. each member has his own charms . CHanyeol _multitalented yoda... suho_forever awkward but funniest exo member(also his song Curtain is amazing ) ........ Xiumin_oldest but cutest, great at dancing, rapping and singing (freal)...... Chen _kindest human being with amazing vocals (u can check Masked Singer for proof)..... Sehun_really chick and sassy maknae, also god of visuals and dance....... Lay _ there is so many things its hard, he composed and wrote every song in his solo album, his voice is really sweet and when he is not sexy dancing machine he is cutest, the most polite and kindest 4d unicorn ever....... Kai _dancing machine freal, like his dancing is art( check his solo dance mama2014), i also like his rapping but im subjective maybe, he devotes most of his free time to practise and improve himself, and u can really feel it(he is also pretty hot)....... DO _ his voice is really beautiful (check his Tell Me What is Love for proof :D), when he talks feels like musical, and he is really really great actor (Hyung, Its okay its love and if u want sth small and fun Be Positive)... lastly my bias Baekhyun _ vocals, visuals, dancing and everything about him, he joined sm pretty late but he really managed to make himself a name, he is cutest thing tbh, and his interaction with fans and exo other members is just too good to watch, u can see that he cares about exo a lot and exo L as well.... in his last MV he made exoL sign to show his love to fans. ........... again sorry for it.. a lot of fangirling here but .... couldnt stop myself ... also sorry for grammar mistakes i cant proof read it :DDDD

    EXOBiasedBBH Thebirth 15 days ago

    omg its so long :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    dreamcatcher810 Thebirth 14 days ago

    Well I do not get what you mean with "The rest do not" ... haha but I can tell you for sure they're all lovely and very kind and God! They're so funny !! For real .. This is all memories now but back in the day EXO Show Time made me cry in laughter ... And of course I was impressed bc the more I got to know them the more I saw each of their talents and their voices They are amazing .. I like them bc they are sweethearts with a lot of talent and a great sense of hard work!

    minzeliron 17 days ago

    Baekhyun is actually really funny

    allkpopellie 17 days ago

    Happy, just followed him :)

    iisstf28 17 days ago


    seulgipringles 17 days ago

    8 figures? what is that? i've never heard of it

    princessjen seulgipringles 17 days ago

    He has 10 million+ followers. 10,000,000 has 8 digits-- ergo, '8 figures'.

    seulgipringles princessjen 16 days ago

    oh that's so obvious...thanks lol

    legendarybangtan 17 days ago

    Congrats puppy. We gon be waiting to see the 100M mark soon enough.

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