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BTS gains spotlight from FUSETV and Billboard for 'Come Back Home' remix

By harmony4377   17 days ago   51,851   18,962   0



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BTS have snagged the attention of American media once again for their newly released remix of Seo Taiji and Boys' "Come Back Home". 

FUSETV stated,"BTS is an undeniable key artist in the future of K-pop... BTS honor the song's original bebop/hip-hop feel, but put a modern-day spin on the sound (trap beats and qoozy synths), new vocal stylings (listen up for Jin's haunting falsetto harmonies early on in the track) and mdoern-day lyrics (shout out to the Drake reference)." 

Additionally, Billboard said, "BTS reworked the song's message to emulate similarly inspirational messages that they've expressed in other tracks emphasizing both life's hardships and the need to overcome those bad times..." 

BTS recently released a remix of Seo Taiji's "Come Back Home" and instantly ranked
on iTunes Top Song Chart (22nd place), Worldwide iTunes Top Song Chart (51st place), and scored first place on music charts in Lithuania, Nicaragua, Vietnam, and El Salvador. 

If you haven't already, check out the MV! 

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ourcheers2u 17 days ago

Congrats to BTS but this whole notion of an artist needing to get attention from the Western media for verification is ridiculous. BTS is successful in their own right, and Billboard and FUSETV articles don't change that.

bangeryun94 ourcheers2u 15 days ago

I don't understand what you mean by verification? And why would that be a bad thing? They are extremely popular, what's wrong with other parts of the world noticing them?

ourcheers2u bangeryun94 15 days ago

I don't think that there's anything wrong with them being popular in other parts of the world, but for some reason some people are acting like legitimate success is only reached when Western countries give them approval, and I don't agree with that.

bangeryun94 ourcheers2u 15 days ago

Absolutely agree with you there.

darkangel452 17 days ago

The beat is sick!

klesly 17 days ago


clarissadx 17 days ago

Billboard notices bts like often this isnt news i see them on twitter all the time about it. But good to know bts is getting out there yas work boys! <3

whatever101 17 days ago

this is surprising? anyone on twitter will know that since the Billboard Awards BTS can fart and practically very major pop related website from TIMES to MTV will write an article about it

crystalCassie91 17 days ago

BTW that girl dancer looks a lot like Taeyong of SNSD..

crystalCassie91 17 days ago

Damn if only this was an actual comeback with the members in the MV doing some dope choreography! It would have been even bigger !!! Especially after they won that Billboard award, it would have spread like crazy.. Now non kpopers will think the members are those guys in the MV..

x22610x 17 days ago

The moment when it seems like FUSETV is appreciating Jin's voice more than BigHit themselves...

jbucaneve 17 days ago

love ♥♥♥

hanalala707 17 days ago


7037 hanalala707 16 days ago

If it is irrelevant, then why would you bother commenting? I'm really curious, it was stated in the title what was the topic of the article right? so if it is irrelevant, then why would you click? If it was me, I wouldn't even read if I know the article is not going to be relevant, well I guess people have different thinking.

bangeryun94 7037 15 days ago

For ATTENTION! And you gave her some. BTS articles are infested with trolls and antis. We ask all ARMY to please ignore them, move on to positive remarks and eventually AKP will stop tolerating them ruining the article.

7037 bangeryun94 12 days ago

What? I was just really curious, and I find his/her comment funny, also I'm done with being quiet when antis attack BTS, yes I'm giving him/her attention but I'm also humiliating him/her by pointing out facts that I can point out to anti's comments, I try to ignore them but this kind of comments are really oblivious and stupid, at least I can teach antis to use proper logic when they comment -_- I'm not arguing with your point, I'm just really tired of being quiet when these people insult other persons who work hard.

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