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Black Pink's Lisa talks about her relationship with fellow Thai artists Nichkhun, BamBam, and more

By KpopJoA   28 days ago   292,653   42,803   0



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Black Pink member Lisa opened up about her relationship with fellow idol stars performing in Korea from her homeland Thailand.

Lisa commented, "I am close friends with GOT7's BamBam, CLC's Sorn and 2PM's Nichkhun sunbaenim.  However, it seems I am the only one that's close with everyone.  The rest of the crew aren't as close with one another."

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The Black Pink member commented on her growing popularity, "I happened to visit Thailand recently and a lot of people recognized who I was.  When I was heading back to Korea, fans shouted with cheer and gave me many gifts at the airport."

She also added, "It's been 6 years since I came to Korea.  It was hard for me and my mother as we were patiently for my debut.  She was glad when I finally made it and told others about the wonderful news."

Meanwhile, Black Pink recently made their long-awaited comeback with the track "As If It's Your Last."

  1. Nichkhun
  2. BamBam
  3. Sorn
  4. Lisa

kava 27 days ago

Lisa Hwaiting!!

SpanishKpoper 28 days ago

i wanna see ten and lisa interaction/friendship HAHAHAHA.

Lost_in_Paradise 28 days ago

Let's all take a moment to appreciate the God that is Nichkhun in that photo.

Hottest2PMKhun Lost_in_Paradise 28 days ago

i swear that is one of the most gorgous pics of him out there, not sexy, not hot, just plain handsome

kevanimeweird 28 days ago

I wanna all three of them on a tv show together .

Hottest2PMKhun kevanimeweird 28 days ago

running man thai idol special will be amazing, nichkhun has already been on running man over 12-15 times, and all thai idols are pretty atheletic!!!

Hottest2PMKhun 28 days ago

i am actually surprised lisa and nichkhun are close. I have seen lots of photos with nichkhun and bambam and nichkhun and ten (they went to eat out at a restaurant in thailand together a long time ago) but there are not that many interactions between nichkhun and lisa/sorn, also in sixteen, when nichkhun went to see natty, he did not seem to know her that well and asked her if she knew thai? so i am guessing even though they are fromt the same company/ country does not mean they are super close and besties  guess

Hottest2PMKhun 28 days ago

also, that pic of nichkhun here is so gorgeous!

daphxxxiiiiiyg Hottest2PMKhun 28 days ago

and probably they knew each other through bambam?

Mike88b 28 days ago

Sexy The Hot!  (Not the dude!)

federick 28 days ago

Collab stage please 😊

big_bang_forever 28 days ago

Isn't Ten not being friendzoned a bigger reason to ship? 😂😂 I'm just joking, ChaeLisa all the way 😂

daphxxxiiiiiyg big_bang_forever 28 days ago

ikkkk i ship them so much xD the only bp ship that i live haha i dont do ships but damn sbs gayo proved me better!

SNSDQUEENT_ARA big_bang_forever 28 days ago

Ten is gay

kpoplolita 28 days ago

cmon guys dont be so sensitve, she was asked who she is friends with, ten and her arent exactly friends. she knows sorn , bambam, nichkun v well. ten she danced with him so they probably got to know each other but u wont see them hanging out. maybe there is potential in the future for friendship (or more... my tenSA feels)

dancerforlife26 28 days ago

What do you mean the rest aren't close with one another lol both bambam and nichkun are from JYP and they've said before they are close.

kpoplolita dancerforlife26 28 days ago

they can work together but doesnt make them 'friends' . lisa said she is close to nichkun too. maybe she is implying sorn bambam nichkun arent tight as a trio together. shes their link. she didnt say bambam and nich arent close per se.

MelodyForever kpoplolita 28 days ago

But Bambam and Sorn is very close, maybe it was the translator fault, bc if it really what she said, her comment can hurt the other party

bibi87 dancerforlife26 28 days ago

Bambam and Nickhun aren't friends for sure. They have a good/close relationship because they both came from Thailand and are under the same company, but that's all. It's more like a senior-junior type of business relationship and it's okay, they shouldn't be friends just because they came from the same country and work in the same place. We also are not "close" with all of our classmates, university pals, job colleagues, right? :)

Emidiva bibi87 28 days ago

They are actually really close not just because of company sake, they hang out together some times and talk about how they are really close.

bibi87 Emidiva 28 days ago

Being "close" is really relative.

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