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4minute's title track confirmed to be "What's Your Name?" + video clip starring 'Gag Concert' comedians

April 19, 2013 @ 5:41 am
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After spelling out their names through the recent set of comeback photos and leaving us all curious with their tweet, "What's Your Name?", Cube Entertainment has confirmed that those words are actually the name of the 4minute's title track!

The latest set of name-spelling photos was apparently Sohyun's clever idea to hint at their title track, showcasing her creativity and lending a personal touch to the group's much anticipated return.

"What's Your Name" is the work of none other than Brave Brothers, and its genre is described to be 'Fantasy Hip Hop', which will apparently go along perfectly with the girl's powerful and charismatic image they'll be showcasing.

According to Cube, the song is an electronic hip hop song with a unique sound and the repeating lines "What's Your Name?" will be hard to forget once you hear it.

In addition, a video clip has been released starring the comedians of 'Gag Concert', in which they're asked "What's Your Name?" and they offer their responses, further piquing the curiosity of this comeback.

Check it out below as we await more details to come before 4minute's return on the 25th!

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