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SHINee's 'Dream Girl' comeback showcase footage released

February 23, 2013 @ 3:45 am
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Just earlier this week, SHINee held their exciting comeback showcase after the release of their latest title track "Dream Girl".

The event was streamed live through Naver Music for all the fans who couldn't join the boys in person, but for those who missed that as well, SM Entertainment has just revealed clips from the show on their official YouTube channel!

Hosted by SHINee's '6th member' Jun Hyun Moo, who will forever be remembered for his hilarious dance covers of SHINee's past hits like "Lucifer", the boys engaged in talk segments as well as performing tracks off their new album during the showcase.

Check out the clips for yourself below if you missed out before!

Intro & Talk


Talk 2


Dream Girl

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