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CNBLUE announces additional world tour dates + reveals poster for '2013 Blue Moon World Tour'

March 1, 2013 @ 2:24 am
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For those of you in Australia, Philippines, and Korea, get ready to greet CNBLUE as they have now confirmed the tour dates and stops in the three countries for '2013 Blue Moon CNBLUE World Tour'!

They've already confirmed their Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong dates (which you can check out here), and now they've followed up with additional dates to the delight of their international fans.

After their initial Asian tour dates, they'll head back to Korea on May 25th and 26th for concerts on their home ground of Korea. Then, for all their Australian fans, CNBLUE will be coming your way in June of this year, holding their concert at Sydney on June 1st. They'll follow that up by traveling to their fans awaiting in the Philippines on June 15th.

If your country hasn't yet been announced, don't lose hope for they're still working on dates for stops in Europe as well as North and South Americas!


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