[Exclusive Giveaway] Ultimate Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012!

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With the U.S. concerts for their '2012 Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour' selling out almost immediately, Big Bang announced two additional dates to give fans another chance to attend what is sure to be a spectacular show (made possible with the help of Samsung and their super phone, Galaxy S3).

For those of you who weren't fortunate enough to grab tickets, here's another chance for you to attend the show! YG Entertainment reached out to allkpop to host this ultimate Big Bang giveaway in thanks for all the love and support from our readers!

You won't want to miss out on this for when we say ultimate giveaway, we really mean it! Let's check out the awesome prizes first!

*Grand Prize* - "VIP of VIP's" [New Jersey] [1]

►Pair of tickets to the New Jersey Concert

►Autographed Big Bang '1st Photograph Collection Extraordinary 20's'

►Autographed Big Bang 'Still Alive Special Edition' Album

►Big Bang 'Live Concert Big Show 2012' DVD

►Big Bang 'Opera Glasses'

►Official Big Bang 'Glow Stick'

►Your choice of Big Bang iPhone Case

►Big Bang earphone plug

Runner Up - "VIP" [Los Angeles] [1]

►Pair of tickets to the Los Angeles Concert

►Autographed Big Bang '1st Photograph Collection Extraordinary 20's'

►Autographed Big Bang 'Still Alive Special Edition' Album

►Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 Pouch

►Big Bang Key Chain

►Big Bang iPhone Case

►Big Bang earphone plug

Thats not all, we will pick 3 additional winners to receive an autographed 'Still Alive Special Edition' album, while 7 additional winners will receive a Big Bang iPhone Case. That's a total of 12 chances for you to win a prize!


Here's how to win!

1) Make sure to 'Like' allkpop's Facebook Page and Big Bang's Facebook Page

2) Follow allkpop's Twitter / Big Bang's Twitter, and share this story

3) Comment on this article on why you are the 'Biggest VIP'!

4) Comment on any article from now until October 31st with your 6theory account

5) The more articles you comment on the better your chances! (Just remember to stay on topic!)

We will choose 1 winner every day - Good luck to everyone!


For more information on the concert itself, check the ticketmaster site for updates!


Winners Circle

-October 20th [Big Bang's iPhone Case] tymy27

-October 21st [Big Bang's iPhone Case] Kchipres

-October 22nd [Big Bang's iPhone Case] itzmespongegi

-October 23rd [Big Bang's iPhone Case] hayoungxxx

-October 24th [Big Bang's iPhone Case] yasusaru48

-October 25th [Big Bang's iPhone Case] karinwakakak

-October 26th [Big Bang's iPhone Case] saramonkey

-October 27th [Autographed Big Bang 'Still Alive Special Edition' Album] ginny-flower

-October 28th [Autographed Big Bang 'Still Alive Special Edition' Album] loldood

-October 29th [Autographed Big Bang 'Still Alive Special Edition' Album] cutiepatootie

-October30th [Runner Up] keli_loreign

-October 31st [Grand Prize] ecargahh

Winners, please check your allkpop forums inbox as that will be the method of contact.




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