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Shinji clarifies rumors of her break-up

September 24, 2012 @ 8:36 am
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Rumors about Shinji and basketball player Yoo Byung Jae's break-up have been disproved.

A representative of Shinji's company stated, "I just spoke with Shinji. The break-up is just a rumor. We are looking into the original source of this news. The two have not separated".

Shinji and Yoo Byung Jae have known each other for years and officially started dating in April of 2011.  Afterwards, there have been many reports of the singer appearing at Jeonju KCC's games.  Then in September2011, the two came forward about their relationship.

Though Shinji is 3 years older, the singer has stated that the basketball player's sentimental side won her over. Yoo Byung Jae has stated that though Shinji is a good singer, she is a very considerate person.

With hopes that the two continue to love one another, let's hope false rumors such as these do not come about again.

Source + Image: TV Report via Naver



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