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Ian Somerhalder reveals to miss A's Suzy his plans to visit Korea

September 20, 2012 @ 6:02 am
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Just days ago, miss A's Suzy tweeted with her ideal type, Ian Somerhalder.

They held a conversation about Suzy naming her dog 'Damon' after Somerhalder's character on the popular American show 'Vampire Diaries'.

Suzy then sent the actor another tweet asking, "Any plan to visit Korea? If so, I'd really like to show you my puppy, Damon :)"

And just today, the actor replied to Suzy with a somewhat flirtatious tweet, complete with a wink emoticon, answering her question!

Congrats to Suzy, who just might be one step closer to meeting the man of her dreams!

Photo: Korean Economy

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