'Dream Team 2' members suspect Rania's T-ae of getting an eyeliner tattoo

April 22, 2012 @ 12:25 pm
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On the April 22nd episode of KBS's 'Dream Team 2', Rania's T-ae was suspected of having gotten an eyeliner tattoo.

Despite finishing a tough swimming competition, T-ae's unchanged features brought the attention of the hosts. ZE:A's Dongjun raised the question by asking the singer, "Why hasn't your eyeliner erased?"

MC Lee Chang Myung then thoughtlessly remarked, "It's because it's an eyeliner tattoo," causing the set to burst into laughter. T-ae quickly defended herself by strongly denying his statement.

However, the MC did not back down easily as he immediately shot back, "I can already predict 'T-ae's eyeliner' becoming the #1 most searched on portal sites," giving the set another round of laughter.

Meanwhile, this week's episode featured a couple swimming competition for the London Olympic D-100. Guests that appeared on this episode were Jo Sung Mo, Choi Sung Jo, Shorry, Kim Ji Woon, Lee Sang Ho, Lee Mi Jin, Rainbow's Go Woori, NS Yoon-G, and Nine Muses' Minha.

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