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[me2day mondays] Introducing Big Bang

October 24, 2011 @ 9:45 pm
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Hello everybody and welcome to our compilation of celebrity me2day accounts! For this week's me2day monday, I would like to introduce the members of Big Bang! You can follow them under the following accounts: Seungri (December 12, 1990) Daesung (April 26, 1989) G-Dragon (August 18, 1988) Taeyang (May 18, 1988) T.O.P (November 4, 1987) <-- His birthday is coming up soon! me2day, the Korean Social Networking Service recently launched an English version and allkpop is now on me2day! By signing up for me2day, you will be able to make friends with your favorite K-Pop stars, as well as read all of their updates. We hope this feature will help make it easier for you to connect with your favorite celebrities in real time! So what are you waiting for? For the latest K-Pop updates follow us at:

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