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After School Boys feature in latest 'New Balance' CF

October 24, 2011 @ 12:22 pm
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Pledis Entertainment has been teasing us all year long about the impending debut of their new boy group, After School Boys. The boys have been making small appearances here and there as backdancers and rap features for their labelmate seniors, but very little was known as to how many members would be in the group. It seems the members have been finalized, as seen by After School Boys' featuring in a new CF for 'New Balance'. After School Boys recently took part in a CF for a new clothing line titled 'New Me. New Down!' by 'New Balance'. As expected, the boys are all handsome and look to be quite young. They also bust out some interesting dance moves midway through the CF before meeting up with senior labelmate, Lizzy. Check it out below! Tip: fuji dawn



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