Wonder Girls' Sohee wanted to become an actress

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In Cube Entertainment CEO Hong Seung Sung's new book, "There Will be No Spotlight If You Stop Now", he revealed that the Wonder Girls' Sohee had actually expressed a desire in halting her activities as a singer and becoming an actress in 2008. Hong was the co-founder of JYP Entertainment before he went on to launch his own label, Cube, so the book delves into some of the inner-workings and stories of the label and its artists. Hong revealed, "After Sohee starred in the movie 'I Like It Hot', she expressed that she wanted to focus on her acting career instead of her singing career.  Because of that, we had to persuade her to change her mind for two to three months.  Even if it wasn't Sohee but another member, at the time, we had no choice but to help change her heart." He continued, "As opposed to worrying about one member leaving a five member group, I was worried that her decision wouldn't be a safe one, especially since she's been training for years specifically to become a singer.  Fortunately, Sohee agreed with the company on still trying new things as a singer and to spend more time thinking about it." In actuality, rumors of Sohee's departure began circulating amongst fans after the movie hit theaters in 2008.  Although they were left as rumors then, the book confirms that they could've become true had it not been for the company persuading her. Source+ Photos: E News 24 via Nate



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