Sunye visits a man in the mountains with presents

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Wonder Girls' Sunye recently made a touching visit, warming the hearts of many. After completing her overseas promotions on the 12th, Sunye returned to Korea and randomly came across a feature about a man living inside a mud hut in the mountains on SBS's How In the World. The program had featured a 77 year old man named Lee Eunsu. Having grown up as an orphan, he became victim to many cases of fraud and eventually left for the mountains three years ago, opting to live in a mud hut away from human contact. Sunye immediately inquired with the show's PD and was finally able to visit the man on the 30th through the help of the producers. The location was a 40 minute walk far off of the nature trail. Without her manager and with only a friend and PD with her, Sunye revealed, "As I saw the broadcast, I thought of my own grandfather. I wanted to help him in any way that I could." According to the PD that followed her, "Sunye prepared clothes, shoes, a radio, food, and various other presents for the man. He hasn't been able to wash in a while so there was a very bad stench coming from him but Sunye paid no attention to it and held his hands tightly, asking him to live a long life. She also prayed for his good health." Her good deeds didn't end there, though. After finding out that he didn't have a clock in his hut, Sunye immediately took off her watch and tried to give it to him. Unfortunately, the watch was too small for him. The PD went on to reveal, "I've heard of a lot of touching stories through this show but I think Sunye's small action of love is the most moving of all. She had requested that her act not be reported and I was once again impressed with her kind heart and honesty." Source: NoCut News


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