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Lee Min Jung reveals her childhood photos

September 26, 2010 @ 7:50 am
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Having risen to stardom through the drama "Boys Over Flowers", Lee Min Jung has earned the title of 'goddess' because of her beautiful looks. Since her debut, her beauty has been often headlined, with many putting her in the top five most beautiful women in Korea.  Even s#arp's Seo Ji Young claimed, "Min Jung had long eyelashes when she was little. She was the kind of beauty that made everyone look twice." Lee Min Jung is also often chosen as the ideal woman for many male celebrities, even recently voted as the #1 actress netizens would like to introduce to their families as their significant other. The goddess has finally personally revealed her childhood photos in an interview with Sports Chosun, but she rejected the claims that she was a beautiful child, stating, "I wasn't that beautiful, it's kind of an exaggeration!" [gallery columns=2] She certainly looks the same now as an adult, and when asked whether she had any plastic surgery done, she stated, "I've never put a knife to my face." Source + Photos: Sports Chosun

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