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First episode of Kakao Entertainment survival show 'GIRL'S RE:VERSE' receives warm reviews from Korean fans


GIRL'S RE:VERSE is a survival show created by Kakao Entertainment. 30 active female soloists or members of girl groups meet in one big studio to dive into virtual world, and participate in different missions.

First 90-minutes long episode received warm reviews from Korean fans.

"The real Girls Reverse! It was more fun that I expected! An hour and thirty minutes passed very quickly. I'll make sure to watch the next episodes. Thank you for your hard work!"

"I watched it because I really liked the main theme song "Promise", but the high quality makes you want to bow down, it's crazy! It's so much fun, conversations and confrontations are so different I was embarassed when I listened to girls talking to each other. Girls Reverse fighting!"

"I was worried before premiere but it's much more fun that I thought. The scale of production is big and I can feel that the cast and producers worked really hard."

"From now on at 9PM we cheer for the girls, looking forward to episodes."

"At first I thought that I will just try to enjoy it without having any expectations but it was so much fun (laughing), the scale is definitely big and you can feel that contestants are excited. Girls are so witty, and the twists in diss battle! I'm looking forward to more. Girls Reverse fighting!"

"I seriously thought it wouldn't be fun but because of girls dialogues it makes you giggle. I hope they will film the gathering of all members in real life and then let them play together. Do Hwa fighting!"

"I've never done this during audition programs but this time it seems like I will be rooting for all 30 girls! You can see there seems to be clear favorite but I hope everyone will get a chance, let's cheer up!"

"Serena laughed the loudest when she runned away, and she was so embarassed. Aiki-nim commented "it's fun, it's fun", and contributed to the hilarious scene from the back."

"I enjoyed watching it, girls are really immersed into their characters which makes it more entertaining, can't wait to see second episode!"

"I thought it will be normal but... it's way funnier that I expected (laughing)."

Full list of contestants including Girls Reverse nickname, real-life stage name, and current/former group

Barim (Jackie - ICHILLIN')
Cacaoprincess (Jaehee - Weeekly)
Catherine (Loha - Nature)
Chadodo (Yerin - GFriend)
Cheer (Chaein - Purple Kiss)
Cherry (Lee Su Jeong - Lovelyz)
Chonky Cat (Olivia Hye - LOONA)
Dohwa (Chanmi - AOA)
Dopamine (Haein - Laboum)
Hiroo (Suyun - Rocket Punch)
Hwaeuija (Hezz - Sonamoo, UNI.T)
Jipsunhui (Bora - Cherry Bullet)
Junghorang (Yein - Lovelyz)
Keuang (Luda - WJSN)
Kiki (Mire - TRI.BE)
Kimserena (Soobin - WJSN)
Muneo (Kwon Eunbi - IZ*ONE)
Nemo (Haeyoon - Cherry Bullet)
Nikena (Im Nayoung - I.O.I.)
Rascal (Songsun - TRI.BE)
Rien (Heejin - LOONA)
Rose (Juri - Rocket Punch)
Ruby (Swan - Purple Kiss)
Seoritae (Hayoung - APink)
Sera (Monday - Weeekly)
Sundaenaejang (Aurora - Nature)
Ujewel (Yiyeon - BVNDIT)
Watchiswatch (Elly - Weki Meki)
Yennycall (I.L - IRRIS)
Zzaru (Seungeun - BVNDIT)

  1. Apink
  2. AOA
  3. Cherry Bullet
  4. Cosmic Girls
  5. GFriend (Girlfriend)
  6. IOI
  7. IRRIS
  8. IZ*ONE
  10. LOONA
  11. Lovelyz
  12. Nature
  14. Rocket Punch
  15. TRI.BE
  16. Weeekly
  17. Weki Meki
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Monday, January 2, 2023

This is different... 😳

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Monday, January 2, 2023
Aren't the identities of the contestants supposed to be a secret? If people know all of them already, what's the point of them having virtual avatars?
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