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TVXQ comment on what they're looking for from each of the 6 competitors on Mnet's 'Kingdom'


Mnet's upcoming boy group competition survival 'Kingdom: Legendary War' has released a surprise special clip of TVXQ's Yunho and Changmin, getting ready for their first ever role as the main MCs of a reality program!

In this special clip, the two veteran idols talked about wanting to help their hoobae artists as much as possible through this opportunity. Changmin said, "I think that the best thing we can do is to listen and to empathize with them, more so than anyone else really, just as close and comfortable hyungs. Let's have a drink, guys." Yunho also added on, "I'm perfectly okay if some of it doesn't get broadcast, but I just want to give them whatever advice I can whenever I can." 

In addition, Changmin also revealed that before being chosen as an MC for 'Kingdom', he was particularly fond of The Boyz's Q due to the fact that they had the same given names! Here, Yunho pointed out, "There is another Yunho too," referring to ATEEZ's Yunho

Next, the two TVXQ members spent time watching performance videos of all 6 of the competitors whom they will be working with on 'Kingdom'. After watching The Boyz, Yunho commented, "This team has really good stamina. The good thing about having a large-member group is that you can use unique formations to your advantage. I think if they can utilize that aspect well, they can put on a good performance."

After watching Stray Kids, Changmin remarked, "They have such pretty faces, but they are doing such a powerful stage... Their lyrics are cute and simple, but their stages are just so full of power." The next group following Stray Kids was ATEEZ. While watching ATEEZ's "HALA HALA", Yunho said with laughter, "They are very angry." Changmin added on, "They want to show that they are still hungry... For this group, I think this show will be a really good opportunity to just show off what they have."

While watching SF9's "Good Guy" stage, Changmin stated, "They are really tall. The taller you are, the bigger you have to make your movements. It's twice as difficult." And after SF9, came the boys of iKON, including a familiar face for the TVXQ members! The MCs said, "We know how well [iKON] can take over the stage. They know how to mold each stage to their own will."

Last but not least, TVXQ reacted to BTOB's performances. Changmin observed, "There is a very different kind of moving effect that the voice can have, as opposed to performance. I hope that [BTOB] can focus and demonstrate their experience and skill." 

What do you think after seeing TVXQ's reaction to all 6 competitors? Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' premieres next month on April 1 at 7:50 PM KST!

  1. ATEEZ
  2. The Boyz
  3. TVXQ
  4. Yunho
  5. Changmin
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Backyou92 pts Thursday, March 4, 2021 0
Thursday, March 4, 2021

TVXQ reaction: " We know how well (iKON) can take over the stage. They know how to mold each stage to their own will. " iKON is the BEST, iKON still at their BEST !<3 🎉

Set aside ALL grp are great. Each has own advantages & uniqueness. It will be great show to watch. At the end the winner will be Mnet for higher ratings.



quark12395 Allkill VIP 21,793 pts Thursday, March 4, 2021 0
Thursday, March 4, 2021

I am so here for them being mentors as well as MCs. And lmao at Yunho knowing full well that he's gonna talk way too long and get edited down. 🤣

Also I just read the other day that Juyeon from The Boyz is such a big fan of Yunho that he cried when he met him? 🥺



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