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Jessi shocks her 'The Sixth Sense' cast members from episode 1


Jessi shocked her 'The Sixth Sense' cast members from the start.

tvN's 'The Sixth Sense' premiered on September 3, and from episode 1, the rapper surprised her fellow cast members. After arriving late, Jessi made a loud entrance as she apologized to Yoo Jae SukOh Na Ra, and Jeon So Min. When LovelyzLee Mi Joo enters the room a moment later, the cast members began talking about bra size.

Lee Mi Joo says she's a fan of Jessi, saying, "I'm a fan. I saw her on 'Running Man'. 'My chest is big!'" When Jessi said she's not that well-endowed, Jeon So Min states, "No, they are big." However, the rapper's actual bra size seems to surprise everyone as Jeon So Min reveals they wear the same size.

Later on when they had to guess which cast member has the most dating experience, Jeon So Min and Oh Na Ra chose Jessi. However, the rapper stops everyone and states earnestly, "I've only dated 5 people."

'The Sixth Sense', produced by former 'Running Man' PD Jung Chul Min, follows Yoo Jae Suk, Oh Na Ra, Jeon So Min, Lee Mi Joo, and Jessi as they attempt to find the fake among the real with their "sixth sense."

Check out the clip featuring Jessi's most hilarious moments on 'The Sixth Sense' above!

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memorabilia263 pts Thursday, September 3, 2020 9
Thursday, September 3, 2020

Honestly speaking, I love how real Jessi is. She's just unapologetically true to herself and that makes her very likeable and easy to talk to!


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Winston4,677 pts Thursday, September 3, 2020 0
Thursday, September 3, 2020

i think why Jessi is getting love from K-netizens (plus an equal amount of hate i guess), is that Koreans are shocked at how straight in ur face she is, she doesnt like to sugar coat things for broadcast, or think in her head, if what she is about to say "fit for broadcast" or "funny enough for tv", she just say it, and let the PD handle the Editing if its not proper, like beeping it out or whatever.

Probably why she is hardly on Live TV, since its not possible to edit out "accidental words" by her.

but for ppl who used to see so much "scripted talks" in variety show, its a nice change when Jessi goes on RM or other variety show and being real.

when she say she doesnt know something, she really doesnt know it, its not like she fake ignorance for TV.

I hope more Korean female celeb would like like her, Just do it, dun give a shit, about what others think.

Unfortunately a lot of girl group idols can only look up to her but cant do that, because of their image or agency.

like Hwasa she can go braless and dun give a shit about comments. but not for other girl group idols,



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