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VERIVERY attack leader Dongheon by exposing(?) that he forgets their names when he's angry on 'Weekly Idol'


Rookie boy group VERIVERY appeared as guests on the July 8 broadcast of 'Weekly Idol', bringing "Thunder" to the white studio with their latest comeback title track!

During this broadcast, the VERIVERY members were thrilled at the opportunity to call out their scary leader, Dongheon! First, the 'Weekly Idol' MCs said, "We heard a rumor that VERIVERY have something called the 'Room of Secret'." 

Member Hoyoung explained, "We have a secret room in our practice building where our leader Dongheon hyung takes us, when he needs to scold us." Dongheon further added on, "We like to practice perfect synchronization as much as possible, so when we're not synchronized, I take the members there one by one and give them a small taste of a scolding, a slight taste of medicine, a small taste of fury." The VIP members of this secretive room turned out to be Yeonho, Minchan, and Kangmin

The 'Weekly Idol' MCs then set out to find out what really happens in VERIVERY's 'Room of Secret', by asking Kangmin, "How does Dongheon act in that room?" Kangmin said, "Typically, people usually address one another by our names. But in the room, Dongheon hyung calls us 'Child'." Kangmin continued, "And Dongheon hyung has a habit of forgetting our names when he gets angry." Yeonho also agreed, "When Dongheon hyung gets angry, he goes, 'Hey Yeonho, I mean Minchan, I mean Kangmin!".

Check out some clips of VERIVERY on this week's 'Weekly Idol', above and below!

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quark1239518,479 pts Wednesday, July 8, 2020 0
Wednesday, July 8, 2020

It's like when your mom is mad at one of you and she goes through everyone's name until she gets to who she means. :D



esmera1da11,470 pts Thursday, July 9, 2020 0
Thursday, July 9, 2020

It's so funny and cute when leaders get exposed by their members. It's like now's theirs chance, adorable.



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