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Han Seo Hee responds to reports of Yang Hyun Suk influencing her testimony on B.I's drug case


Han Seo Hee responded to reports of Yang Hyun Suk influencing her testimony on B.I's drug case.

On June 13, MBC's 'News Desk' revealed a phone call with "former YG trainee Han," who was previously reported to be Han Seo Hee. When asked if she had accepted a lawyer appointed by YG Entertainment and whether Yang Hyun Suk had influenced her testimony, and Trainee Han stated, "I'll say it another time, but it's exactly what you think it is. Don't you think?" When the reporter asked her to clarify, she responded, "Ask. There's no need to say. You honestly already know."

She also added, "What the article says is true. I'm going to be scolded by [Yang Hyun Suk]. I really can't say anything. I'm going to change my number." 

YG Entertainment previously stated Yang Hyun Suk had met with her, but only to request that she correct her testimony about B.I.

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kagayakugucci4,138 pts Thursday, June 13, 2019 9
Thursday, June 13, 2019

People can call her an attention seeker and trash all they want, but the girl delivers the truth, it's just that that truth is not convenient for the idols she implicates. She cannot openly state what should be painfully obvious to everyone following this story only because of the Korean defamation laws, as she can be sued even if what she says is true. I really want to know why her name was released to the press in the first place, when the whole point of submitting your evidence through the anti-corruption agency is to stay anonymous. YGE's dealings surrounding this case are so damn shady, that a young guy taking LSD is the smallest crime that has been committed here.


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finayosefina195 pts Thursday, June 13, 2019 0
Thursday, June 13, 2019

We all know it's true. YG must have done something, or gave her some money to shut her up. Eventho YG denies all the rumours but eventually people can sort out by themselves which one is true or false.



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