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'Dispatch' accuses iKON's B.I of using illegal drugs & dodging police charges, based on Kakao chat messages


On June 12, media outlet 'Dispatch' released an exclusive report claiming that iKON's leader B.I may have purchased and used illegal drugs approximately 3 years ago, based on Kakao Talk messages they recently uncovered.  

In their exclusive report, 'Dispatch' alleged that back in 2016, the iKON member faced suspicion of purchasing and using the illegal drug LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) through a female dealer 'A'. However, despite the fact that 'A' was arrested and her cell phone was apprehended by police for taking part in illegal drug dealings, 'Dispatch' claimed that the police never attempted to summon or charge B.I. 

Below are the contents of a Kakao Talk chatroom from April of 2016, reportedly between B.I and female dealer 'A':

B.I: Kekeke, I want to do [LSD] for life, is it strong?
A: In this country, L[SD] is considered the best, first rate drug.
B.I: Not that kekeke. If the effects are strong.
A: That's what I'm saying, the effects are strong too.
B.I: Can I get ahold of as many as I want?
A: Right
B.I: Should I buy like 3? I kind of need to save money. Can't I get some kind of discount if you buy it?
A: No. But if you start doing L[SD], Marijuana is gonna be a joke from there on. And that's how you end up going as far as cocaine. Then you'll really be in trouble.
B.I: Kekeke Don't worry, I'm just doing it because I want to become a genius.
A: You'll end up like [unnamed] if you keep that up kekeke.
B.I: I'm gonna do one drug for the rest of my life. Honestly I f***ing wanna do it everyday, but the stuff is hella expensive. So if you do L[SD], can you really see stuff? Like seeing things like they're graphics and hallucinations and stuff?

Kakao Chat messages below:

B.I: Should I just buy a bunch at once? Keke should I just buy 10?
A: Because you're annoyed with buying it over and over?
B.I: Yeah, that and I just want to have some on me, like 1,000,000 Won (~ $800 USD) worth. 
A: 1,000,000 Won gets you about 6, if you want 10 it's 1,500,000 Won.
B.I: That's f***ing expensive kekeke. There's no discount for bulk buying?
A: I'll ask but keke. That's why I said to buy a little bit since it's your first time. 
B.I: Keke Yah, I'm not like that, I'm gonna go all out from the start, that's the way men should be. But at least ask if there's a discount for bulk purchases..
A: I'll ask. 

Kakao chat messages below:

A: Hey, don't ever talk about drugs with anyone else. 
B.I: Keke I'm asking you because I've done [drugs] with you before.
A: You keep that up and I'll be the one to get in trouble with Yang-sajangnim. Be careful keke.
B.I: You can get ahold of it right away?
A: But seriously, keep your mouth shut. 
B.I: But as long as you keep your mouth shut, you won't get caught doing drugs right. You have to get spinal tests done [to get caught]. 
A: You think they don't look through Kakao keke. They look through all your Kakao chats keke. 
B.I: Yeah I know this is risky right now, for now delete this chat. 
A: Kekekeke
B.I: I'm a wimp so you better delete this chat dammit. I'm in Macao. I'm going back to Korea on Saturday, I better buy some from you.

Then, in August of 2016, 'A' was arrested at a residence in Seoul for charges of illegal drug dealings. Police apprehended 'A's cell phone in the process, and during her questioning, 'A' admitted that she delivered 10 pieces of LSD to B.I outside iKON's dorm. 

In addition, 'Dispatch' reported that another drug dealer 'C', who worked with 'A', provided police with a full list of his buyers, which included B.I's name Kim Han Bin

But soon after, during her 3rd questioning, police records state that 'A' took back her previous statement and argued that she had no idea where B.I obtained illegal drugs. 

'Dispatch' believes that in between 'A's 1st and 2nd questioning, 'A' was contacted by YG Entertainment. 'A' attended her 1st and 2nd questioning on August 22, 2016. Then, as her arrest did not include detainment, she was released until a week later, where she faced her 3rd questioning on August 30, 2016. 

According to 'Dispatch', within the week's time, YG Entertainment contacted 'A', hired a lawyer to represent 'A' in her case, and requested that she take back her previous statement regarding B.I. 

As a result of 'A's 3rd statement, police ended their investigation into this case without summoning B.I for questioning, said 'Dispatch'. 

Stay tuned for updates on the developing case. 

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CheB20153 pts Tuesday, June 11, 2019 9
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

They cover up this story and GD's and Top's drug scandal. But with Park Bom's prescribed med scandal, they end her career.

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trogdorthe8th15,346 pts Tuesday, June 11, 2019 27
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

GEEZ, if all this is true, this sucks for his group. I never want to be one to just hate on a company based on the actions of a few, but every month it seems like someone else from YG is revealed to be involved in some sort of shady dealings. It almost makes you wonder who's next, but I also don't want to make assumptions about people either. In the end, I just feel terribly for anyone at that company who will certainly take a hit from this financially due to another's actions. Because at this point, people with endorsement deals may want to stay far and away from anyone at YG, and that's incredibly unfair to people who haven't don't anything wrong.

102 (+113 / -11)

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