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10 K-Drama Snacks to Satisfy Your Munchies!


How come whenever you see someone eat, it makes you crave that dish or snack even more? Especially when you're watching some of your favorite K-dramas in the middle of the night, those midnight cravings hit pretty strong! Well, for your binge-watching marathon, try ten of these K-drama snacks!

1. Jin Ramen: What's a K-drama without a ramen-eating scene? Making an appearance in almost every K-drama, Jin Ramen is the perfect snack to slurp on while watching your favorite drama series!

2. Kopiko Coffee Candy: Making a show in "Vincenzo" and "Hometown Cha Cha Cha" Kopiko candy is like drinking a hot steaming cup of coffee! If you need a quick pick-me-up, so you don't crash in the middle of the day, try one of these bite-sized candies!

3. Cheese Sausages: Ever wondered what those yellow-wrapped sticks were? Well, they're actually a very popular snack amongst college students. Even within K-dramas, many university students are seen gnawing on these cheese sausages!

4. Maxim Instant Coffee: In any office-themed K-drama, you can be assured there'll be a scene where the main leads make themselves a cup of coffee, but what coffee mix are they using? The iconic gold Maxim coffee! The tip is to take the wrapper and use it as a stirrer!

5. Banana Milk: Not only is this BTS Jungkook's favorite drink, but this subtle sweet beverage is also many K-drama characters' favorite drink too!

6. Tteokbokki: If it's not ramen that these characters are munching on, it's most likely tteokbokki, and who can blame them? The soft, chewy rice cakes are smothered in a wonderfully sweet, savory, spicy red sauce. Just look at how much Shin Hari and Jin Yeong Seo loved to eat tteokbooki in "The Business Proposal."

7. Fish Bread (Bungeoppang): While talking to her boo on the phone, Kim Hye Jin throws out the comment, "I want some fish bread," and boom, next thing you know, Ji Sung Joon is right at her door with a bag of fresh, hot steaming fish bread!

8. Korean Red Ginseng: Known to have many health benefits, you'll often see some of your favorite K-drama characters sipping on some ginseng extract, especially in "Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food" and "Uncontrollably Fond!"

9. Strawberry Milk: Now, most of the spotlight goes onto banana milk, but strawberry milk is just as delicious! Plus, it has a lovely light pink tint to it, which makes it even more exciting to drink!

10. Kkokkalcorn: What are these funky cone-shaped crackers you see K-drama characters eat off their fingers? They're puffed-up corn snacks! Light and crisp, try these instead of popcorn on your next K-drama binge!

What are your K-drama snack recommendations?

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I always knew Maxim Coffee, but Koreans have a specific method to drinking it. The water has to be half a small dispenser cup, like the amount of an espresso shot. I didn’t know this so my uncle laughed when I gave him a full cup of coffee and said, “야 인마! 커피에다가 물을 이렇게 많이 넣면 어떡해?! 한국에선 이렇게 안 마셔!“ 😅 There are several locations that have cheap, good fish bread. Places near 인사동, 안국, and 구리 tend to be cost friendly (3-4 for ₩1,000), whereas 강남 is expensive ($3 for ₩2,500).

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