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HYBE employees on Blind continue to expose Min Hee Jin for 'leeching' resources


HYBE employees on the anonymous online forum Blind continued to voice their disapproval toward Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR, who is currently facing forced resignation for plotting to usurp management rights of the subsidiary

Blind is an online forum only open to verified employees of registered companies, meaning that all users are verified employees of HYBE. And in light of the most recent developments in the ongoing feud, more Blind users are leaving posts and comments of complaint directed toward Min Hee Jin. Many of them believe that contrary to Min Hee Jin's own claims, the success enjoyed by the girl group NewJeans was not possible without HYBE support and resources.

One user claimed, 

"She said that she could have done it without HYBE capital.
She said she feels like she gave birth to the artists herself. Well let's ask her this.
- Where were the NewJeans members originally trained?
- Where was the 'Min Hee Jin girl group' originally supposed to debut?
- On what YouTube channel were MVs like 'Hype Boy', 'Attention', and all of NewJeans' debut songs promoted?
- Who oversaw NewJeans' global streaming campaigns on Spotify, YouTube, etc?
- Who developed the Phoning app?
- Who plans and hosts NewJeans' fan meetings?
- Who helped NewJeans score a spot on the Lallapalooza lineup, exclusive coverage through Billboard, a spot as a performer and an award at the BBMAs?
- Who oversaw the work related to NewJeans' brand endorsements, brand partnerships, and sponsorships?
- Who negotiates NewJeans' appearances on Korean, Japanese, and American award ceremonies?
- Who is in charge of NewJeans' press relations?
And about 50 other questions.
All of this was done by HYBE employees, not ADOR." 

Other Blind users added on comments like,

"And even then, she told the members to never ever mention HYBE in any of their acceptance speeches, never ever talk about any other HYBE Labels artists, and she blocked all questions related to the members' experiences as trainees because they spent that time under Source Music. She hated HYBE so much but when she was asked to design the layout of the HYBE building, she requested that she get the top floor, the 16th floor, to herself, how disgraceful can she be, and why does she love carrying around that HYBE shopping bag so much kekeke." 

"What did the HYBE employees do to deserve this?;; 
Harsh language, power tripping, attitude issues all unbefitting of her outer appearance, and ordering us to give them back finished results based on a timeline that they decided without any explanation on our end. 
They always kept information that we needed to carry out our tasks secret and called it for 'security reasons' keke.
That information that even external parties like Dolphiners Films has access to, HYBE employees are not allowed to have. Then don't ask us to do the work!
All the employees at that label are little Min Hee Jins too. They's crazy good at power tripping." 

"This is so right. Every time they needed the business division or administrative division, they sucked all our resources dry and now they turn around and say they got no help?????????? Thinking about Phoning again just shot up my blood pressure." 

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Newjeans or ADOR would not have come this far without HYBE, it’s simply the truth.

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the-k-feels2,801 pts 24 days ago 9
24 days ago

How do we know these "verified Blind" employees are not part of a Hybe strategy?

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