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TWICE's Chaeyoung posts an apology after wearing a shirt with a swastika


TWICE's Chaeyoung recently took to social media to apologize for wearing a shirt featuring a controversial symbol. The shirt in question had a design that included a swastika, a symbol associated with the Nazis and widely considered a hate symbol.

On March 21, Chaeyoung posted an apology on her Instagram account, stating that she had no knowledge of the symbol's association with the Nazi regime and expressed her deep regrets about wearing the shirt. She went on to say that she was sorry for any offense that she may have caused and that she would be more mindful of her fashion choices in the future.

She wrote, "Hello, this is Chaeyoung from TWICE. I sincerely apologize regarding the Instagram post. I didn't correctly recognize the meaning of the tilted swastika in the t-shirt I wore. I deeply apologize for not thoroughly reviewing it, causing concern. I will pay absolute attention in the future to prevent any situation similar from happening again. Sincerely apologize again."

The apology has been met with mixed reactions from fans and netizens, with some expressing understanding and forgiveness while others felt that Chaeyoung should have been more aware of the symbol's meaning before wearing it.

Chaeyoung seen wearing this t-shirt has become more problematic since she was also seen wearing a QAnon shirt not too long ago during a music show performance. At the time, many fans were defending the idol and criticized the stylist who dressed her in the problematic shirt.

But this time, Chaeyoung was seen on her Instagram post wearing a shirt with Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, who is wearing a shirt with the swastika. This means, Chaeyoung most likely personally chose the fashion herself since the photos show the idol in her daily life.

Also, this is not the first time Chaeyoung was seen wearing the Swastika t-shirt. She was also seen wearing the shirt on March 5, but she had a sweater covering the swastika.

Many Korean netizens have criticized that Chaeyoung should have been more careful in choosing her fashion and pointed out that she had worn that problematic shirt more than once. Chaeyoung deleted the photos from her Instagram after posting the apology.

Korean netizens commented, "She posted an apology so..." "She should have really been careful," "Wow, that was wrong of her," "She took down the photos quickly and apologized, which is good. Just hope she's more careful in the future," "How does she not know the Nazi symbol?" "She really didn't think about this," "She wore this shirt a few times, which means she must have liked that shirt," "This is the same thing as someone wearing the Japanese rising sun flag," and "Where did she even manage to buy that shirt?"

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Dannika607 pts Tuesday, March 21, 2023 27
Tuesday, March 21, 2023

She should be glad she wasn't on vacation in my country wearing a t-shirt like that, or she'd be in trouble with the law. In many European countries, the swastika, but also other symbols of nazism, but also symbols of communism, such as a hammer and sickle, are banned. And rightly so, because these symbols are associated with totalitarian systems that murdered tens of millions of people. For someone who, like me, is from Europe (from Poland), these symbols meant the death of our ancestors at the hands of the nazis (only in my country died about 5 million our citizens), including in concentration camps, the ruins of our towns and villages, the theft of our children by the nazi Germans (only from my country 200,000 children were deported, of whom only 30,000 returned after the war), works of art never returned, forced labor for Germany in labor camps, medical experiments , systematic starvation of the population and other atrocities. What Nazism did until 1945 should never be forgotten and never used symbols associated with it. Many people have forgotten or started twisting the facts and now there is a new totalitarian state in the world that lives by the ideology of hate- Russia, which has practically nazi slogans in its national doctrine, and blames everyone around for being "nazis" to sow hatred, discord and divide the world. And all because other nations and their citizens have forgotten how easily evil is reborn when the lessons learned from history are forgotten. World War II ended less than 80 years ago, and people play with the symbols associated with it as if those killed were a joke and their lives meant nothing.

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trogdorthe8th14,061 pts Tuesday, March 21, 2023 28
Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Someone brought this to my attention on the other article about her Q-Anon shirt from her stylist, so I'll copy what I said here:

That is......disappointing to say the least. Again, this comes down to people needing to educate themselves when they're getting into fashion/tattoos/etc that has language or symbols or aspects of other cultures that are unfamiliar to their own. In this case, I understand that the symbol wasn't the only focal point of the shirt (it was a recreation of a picture of Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols), but it was certainly part of the overall aesthetic. I'm aware that Chaeyoung leans more towards a 'punk' aspect in her style, with her clothing as well as her body art. But with that in mind, she has to remember that people are going to have strong opinions about those symbols, especially with her being part of such an arguably conservative girl group like Twice. It's interesting considering everything Sid Vicious represented, as well as his sordid past of anti-authoritarianism, drug abuse and domestic violence. I've nothing against the art of expression, but the meaning behind Sid Vicious and what he represented is completely opposite from what her brand represents as a member of Twice. The man literally wore Swastikas and images depicting both straight and gay pornography on his clothing in public for one reason: to get a reaction out of people. His whole ideology was to tell people to piss off, to burn down the establishment and what not. I don't know how much she's aware of that history, or if she's just playing 'dress up' as many people do when they get into a punk or alternative style. I'm leaning more towards the latter, but if she wants to engage in this form of expression then she's going to have to answer for it. Saying, "I just didn't know" tells me that she only wore it because she thought it looked cool and he's a punk guy. Disappointing.

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