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Kim Sae Ron faces fine of $15K for DUI & apologizes at first trial


Kim Sae Ron is facing a fine of 20 million won ($15,168.19 USD) for her DUI.

As previously reported, Kim Sae Ron attended the first trial for violating the Road Traffic Act (DUI) at the 4th division of the Seoul Central District Court. In May of last year, the actress drove under the influence and ran into a guardrail, road verge, and transformer on the street of Gangnam, and her Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) was found to be 0.2% at the time of the accident.

While heading towards her trial, Kim Sae Ron dressed in a cardigan with her hair tied up, appearing somewhat gaunt, which drew attention. She remained silent when reporters questioned her outside the courthouse. In front of the judge, Kim Sae Ron expressed, "I called a driver to pick me up, and I drove to the location thinking it was only a short distance," adding that she had quit drinking.

She continued, "This will never happen again. I'm sorry. I regret my actions, and I'm reflecting on them. I've quit drinking and sold my car. I'm the breadwinner of my family, and it's been difficult for me to make ends meet. Please have mercy on me."

The sentencing trial for Kim Sae Ron's DUI case is set for April 5 KST. 

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18 days ago

I hate what she did and I REALLY mean that. But why does it seem that they're using her as the poster child for DUIs when SOOO many others have done it and I don't remember the same amount of media backlash?

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18 days ago

She is dealing with the repercussions of her massive mistake it doesn't matter how well you can hold your alcohol all it takes is just one stupid action and its over.

even it was a short distance to get to what I'm assuming is the designated driver(?) She called Girl you could have waited for them to get to the right location, why get behind the wheel to get to them.

it sucks that she is the sole bread winner so income has basically stopped for her.

hope she never forgets this period in her life driving while drunk is really freaking stupid.

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