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Will BLACKPINK renew its contract with YG Entertainment? Rumors say Lisa is being offered 100 billion KRW to change labels


Will BLACKPINK renew its contract with YG Entertainment? In August of this year, BLACKPINK's exclusive contract with YG Entertainment will come to an end. 

On January 19th, NH Investment & Securities predicted BLACKPINK will renew its contract with the label in its analyst report. But according to the new media report by Munhwa Ilbo on January 23rd, it won't be so easy for YG Entertainment as the members are being offered much higher guarantees elsewhere. According to one insider, Lisa is being offered 100 billion KRW to switch labels, which is practically impossible for YG Entertainment to match. 

Indeed, BLACKPINK members will not simply move with money if they want to continue using the group name 'BLACKPINK.' But insiders still believe YG Entertainment would have to offer at least 20 billion KRW per member. Some believe YG Entertainment launching Baby Monster is to mitigate the potential failure of closing the renewal deal with BLACKPINK.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will wrap up its current world tour this June. This will be two months out from the end of the contract, which is why YG Entertainment might feel anxious. 

Stay tuned for updates on BLACKPINK. 

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Betula9,485 pts Monday, January 23, 2023 23
Monday, January 23, 2023

This is not a credible rumor. That amount is more than YGE's entire company-wide profit for 2022 (note that revenue and profit are different things). To offer an artist that amount of money just to switch labels, a company would have to:

1. Have that kind of cash to throw around
2. Have an accounting department they can convince to spend that kind of money on this acquisition

3. Feel confident that due to her activities alone, they will recoup that amount of profit on top of paying her whatever project-specific percentage she is due... and no high-profile idol is going to accept a contract offering a small percentage.

She may be in demand, but the figure quoted is completely unbelievable.

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trilleon631 pts Monday, January 23, 2023 5
Monday, January 23, 2023

The best thing they can do for their life is not to renew, Yg knows how to make you famous but they don't know how to make you a better artist, besides all the hate they receive is the company's fault. if almost all men are escaping from yg, imagine them.

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