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Why KARA's comeback is so successful


KARA successfully came back with their 15th-anniversary album, 'Move Again,' and brought back nostalgic emotions to fans with performances at the '2022 MAMA Awards' on November 29.

Many fans have expressed their joy in seeing one of the top second-generation girl groups returning once again, and KARA's comeback was a success.

One fan analyzed the reason KARA's 15th-anniversary comeback was such a success and listed the reasons in a popular online community.

According to the fan, the first reason is that KARA's newest song, "When I Move," is really good.

The fan explained that the group's concept was perfect, and their comeback was just as fans had imagined what it would be like if they made a comeback now.

Additionally, the girls have so many nostalgic songs that fans are able to revisit. So, many of KARA's old songs are climbing the music charts again.

Another reason KARA's comeback is so successful is because of their previous popularity and also the value of the group. They were one of the top girl groups during the 2010s and had global popularity as well, especially in Japan.

Also, many fans are praising that the girl group's visuals have not changed and are as beautiful as ever, if not more beautiful.

Also, the fan pointed out the new visual combinations of the members, such as Ji Young and Young Ji or Nicole and Young Ji.

The fans are also praising the agency behind the group's comeback because of the marketing plan to use the nostalgic feeling by releasing various YouTube content for fans.

Other fans agreed and commented, "I also think the best part was that they have a lot of good songs," "It's definitely that their new song is very 4th generation vibe but was reinterpreted into KARA," "I think it's all of the reasons listed above," "I am a long time KARA fan and I am watching all of their contents that released recently," "The synergy of everything made their comeback successful," "I just love KARA," "Their songs are good and they have a lot of good content," and "My only joy in life right now is watching KARA."

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momamae164 pts Monday, December 5, 2022 2
Monday, December 5, 2022

KARA deserves the success and even more. I wish the kpop industry didn't discard idols like it does. I am bitter over this, cause' talent doesn't goes away after 7 years of performing, it only gets better. But the companies throw away their older groups as does the fans. As soon as the new thing is up, fans abandon their ultimates for the new toys. And if it wasn't like this for majority of kpop fans then we would have had relevent 2nd gen groups comebacks super successful, which hasn't been a reality. Thankfully KARA is receiving a decent amount of love <3

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Myrafunmilayo124,597 pts Monday, December 5, 2022 0
Monday, December 5, 2022

I'm going to ramble just a bit cos seeing kara makes me so emotional. Watching them performing mister and mama mia brings back such fun memories. I missed them. I'm happy they came back and I'll wait for their 20th 25th 30th 35th....😭😭😭

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