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Winners of the listening session contest for MAMAMOO's comeback drop some spoilers

On September 1, 2022, the winners of the "MAMAMOO Comeback title song" listening session for the group's upcoming comeback shared their insights and spoilers for the songs and what can be expected from the comeback. Fellow moomoos are excited as the only thing hotter than the tea the Kmoomoos (Korean moomoos) are spilling are MAMAMOO's vocals.

So far, there is confirmation for at least three songs that were selected as the contenders for the title track. However, many fans immediately pointed out that MAMAMOO's shortest mini-album to date - W.A.W (2021) not an official comeback but a gift to fans had four songs, and their other full comeback mode mini-albums had at least five songs minimum. Meaning that just like with the TRAVEL (2020) mini album, the radish nation may be getting around 5-6 songs minimum. 

Now, the early song descriptions by Korean radish nation members have the fandom positively buzzing. Early discussions from the winners of the listening party have revealed that it is currently a tie between the 1st and 2nd tracks from the title song of the comeback. Leaving many veteran moomoos to wonder if MAMAMOO will once again come back first with a pre-released track and then with the 1st place pick of the listening party just like during the released during TRAVEL ("Dingga" - pre-release and "Aya" title), "Pink Funky" ("Ahh Oop!" pre-release and "Um OH Ah Yeh" title), "MEMORY" ("New York" - pre-release and "Décalcomanie" title) and "Melting" ("Taller Than You" - pre-release and "You're the Best" title) eras.

However, as many Korean moomoos have pointed out, while songs have a MAMAMOO vibe and are reminiscent of other songs by the group, it appears that songs will show a new color of the group this comeback. While some of the songs seem brighter and more colorful, others seem chill and sultry. 

The 1st track (one of the two main contenders for the title according to kmoomoos)

The 1st track, according to the Korean moomoos, sounds like a mix of MAMAMO's "Aya" but with a slower beat, 2NE1's 'Come Back Home's intro, and a more sexy style. However, other moomoos who attended the event share slightly different descriptions of the 1st song. Describes the song as a slow, sultry "Aya" (MAMAMOO), mixed with a more dark version of MAMAMOO's "Starry Night," "Chuck," "Dingga," and "Diamond," with a sexy, cheeky undertone.

Others pointed out that while the song is reminiscent of MAMAMO's "Aya," "Diamond," and "Chuck, mixed with 2NE1's 'Come Back Home's" vibes. Needless to say, this is one of the songs that was picked out by the winners of the listening event as a possible title track for the comeback.

The 2nd track (other contenders for the title according to kmoomoos)

The 2nd track sounds completely different from the 1st title track, which is more sultry. While the 2nd contender for the main title track of the group's upcoming album gives more "let's have fun" and refreshing vibes. However, bringing into play the group's iconic introduction harmonization for the "I SAY MAMA MAMA MOO" greeting.

According to the winners who attended the listening event, the 2nd track songs like a mix of MAMAMOO's "Dingga" and "Waggy," with fresh fun and fruity vibes with lyrics such as "I like peach, I like strawberries" and "I say Mama mama moo" on loop. 

However, others were quick to point out that the song is also reminiscent of MAMAMOO's "Um OH Ah Yeh" regarding the "let's have fun and party" aspect of the song. In comparison, others seem to think that the song is a mixture of the groups "Waggy," "mumumumuch," and "Taller than you," while the group's iconic greeting gives it that extra MAMAMOO flare.

Needless to say, this was the second song that was selected by the Korean moomoos who attended the listening event as the other possible title track for MAMAMOOs upcoming comeback. Which has sparked a fierce debate in the radish fandom in regards to which song will be selected as the title and if there will be a pre-released single before the album.

The 3rd track

The 3rd and final track, presented as a possible title track during the listening event, was well received by the fans as a light chill track. However, many were quick to point out that it was better suited for a chill party stile b-side than a title track for the group's upcoming comeback. 

The overall vibe of the song is set to also be reminiscent of MAMAMOOs "Dingga" but a more slow and child back version of the song. A song that's perfect for having a drink at a party with friends at midnight. Thus, while a good song to party and chill out with friends, almost all listeners during the event agreed that while the song is exciting and enticing in its own way, it can not carry the weight of a title track for a MAMAMOO comeback.

Since the two main contenders are already selected by the kmoomoos, many fans are hyped up to see which one is picked as the title track and if the other will be used as a pre-released single, as is extremely common for the group. And although the final decision is up to the group, everyone can agree on one thing for sure "MAMAMOO is coming back for You."

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I sincerely thank Luckymoomoo 💐 for this long, complete, well-written article with unpublished information. I'm grateful. Thanks also to kmoomoos for their mouth-watering spoiler review. As they say: 'I can't wait' ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Mama Mama MoOo

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Mamamoo never disappoint

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