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Stray Kids member Han worries fans as he is seen injured after falling at the airport


Stray Kids successfully finished concerts in Kobe and Tokyo, Japan, for their 2nd world tour 'Manic' recently and were seen making their way back to South Korea.

The members were seen at the Incheon International Airport on June 20 after completing their tour. On this day, member Han was seen falling on the ground and hurting his elbow as he was surrounded by a flock of fans and reporters.

According to various videos released by fans, Han is seen suddenly disappearing from the sea of people as everyone's eyes divert to the ground. This is because Han had fallen to the ground while being bombarded by people. In many of the videos, the bodyguards are heard saying, "Please don't push, please don't push," and fans asking, "Are you okay," while there are gasps all around. When Han got up in the video, he was caressing his elbow as if in pain.

Many fans were pained in their hearts as they watched their favorite idol fall to the ground. Many of the fans were upset as reporters were still taking photos and fans flocking toward the idol, not giving him room even though he had fallen.

Luckily, Han walked out of the airport, not seriously injured, and waved to the fans to assure them he was okay. Nevertheless, many fans were upset with the reporters and fans who pushed cameras in the idol's face and continued to push when he fell.

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daebak_kpop716 pts 9 days ago 0
9 days ago

mobbing idols at the airport sucks in general, but doing it when it is known that one of the members is diagnosed with anxiety and flashing cameras in his face after he fell down is just the worst, i hope jisung is okay. i don’t understand why fans are even still allowed at airports or why companies give them arrival dates and times, this should really just be forbidden.

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hwryuu260 pts 9 days ago 0
9 days ago

Fucking saesangs literally mobbing idols at a airport. GIVE THEM THEIR OWN SPACE SERIOUSLY. HAN GOT HURT BECAUSE OF U GUYS NOT LETTING HIM HAVE SPACE. I'm just mad at saesangs rn. I hope han didn't get hurt badly. where tf were the security guards.

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