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Jimin's prowess as a vocalist is on display as his part in 'RUN BTS' goes viral on Tiktok and elicits a dance challenge + is the most replayed part of the song on YouTube

On June 10, BTS's highly anticipated album 'PROOF' was released, and Jimin became a highlight of the comeback with his smooth honey vocals completely entrancing the listeners, making him go viral on various social media platforms. 

His individual teaser for the comeback claimed the highest trending position among the members, and it was the fastest to achieve 1 million likes on YouTube; Korean media outlets published numerous articles praising him for his vocals and visuals, while the television channels focused solely on him while reporting on the comeback, and his parts in the new songs went viral on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram as fans could not get enough of his sweet, enticing voice. As always, he was the flavor of the group songs for his striking and unique vocal tone and color, and he absolutely stood out for his unparalleled talent and skill despite having just a few seconds in the line distribution.

One of the parts that have especially been making rounds on social media includes his part in the song 'RUN BTS,' which marks the climax of the song and has everyone hooked! 

More and more fans have been showing their enthusiasm for his vocals and technique and how catchy the part of the song is by hopping onto a dance challenge on TikTok specially choreographed by a Japanese TikToker named Fuji just for this part. Other video uploads that joined the challenge personalized their choreography but still showed how captivated they were with Jimin's voice.

So far, there have been numerous video uploads of the challenge, some being from well-known individuals such as Aiki, who formerly participated in the popular 'Street Woman Fighter' dance competition. Most of the videos have accumulated millions of views with hundreds of thousands of likes thus far, and here are some of them.

@beomhanfm tell me what you wanna 💕 #beomhan #범한 #runbts #fypシ ♬ RunBTS - fuji;)
@_raymuniz Dc: @fuji;) 💕 #fyp #fy #bts #foryoupage #kpop #runbts #trend ♬ RunBTS - fuji;)
@bl_lz10 Boy edition #bts #btsproof #bangtansonyeondan #yettocome #runbts #btschallenge #runbtschallenge #boyedition #kpop ♬ Run BTS - BTS
@songsnith mulheres>>#trend = @fujicov #fyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #foryoupage #fyp #fypシ #fyp #runbts #bts ♬ Run BTS - BTS
@kqtei one more time dc @fuji #kqtei #kpopfyp #bts #runbts ♬ RunBTS - fuji;)
@alexmidiaz Obviamente lo tenia que hacer🤩 #bangtan #army #runbts #runbtschallenge #bangtansonyeondan방탄소년단 ♬ RunBTS - fuji;)
@aguszenan Turkhis ver. 🇹🇷 #keşfet #fyp #runbts #btschallenge #kpop #tarmy🇹🇷 #beniöneçıkart #bts_official_bighit ♬ RunBTS - fuji;)
@hipevision Tell me... #runbts #bts #challenge ♬ RunBTS - fuji;)
@guio._.x RUN, BTS, RUN😩🥵 #bts #army #btstrendchallenge #jungkook #dance #viral #fyp #kpopdance ♬ RunBTS - fuji;)
@jjovieee_ tell me what u wanna.#bts #btsarmy #runbts #kpopfyp #dance #dancer #challenge #fy #fypシ #foryou #kpopdance #bangtan #egypt ♬ RunBTS - fuji;)
@littlemissnoonamyjell another Dance challenge by lods @rmenrico #RunBTS #runbtsdancechallenge #dance #BTS #Army ♬ original sound 🇵🇭 - Raymart Enrico
@mutiarabertha Enak banget woi lagunya!! DC by us. Enjoy! @fin.458_ #proof #runbts #runbtsdancechallenge #bts #btsarmy #run #dancechallenge #CapCut ♬ Run BTS - BTS

The lead vocalist for the group STAYC also joined the wave though not via dance; she praised the same Jimin part in the song during one of her Vlive broadcasts, saying, "Oh! I like this part! I like it very much!"


She has previously shown that she is a strong fan of Jimin by singing snippets from some of his songs when asked to sing a song with a specific keyword.

Jimin is not only dominating TikTok, but his unrivaled status as the vocal king is also on display on YouTube. Thanks to a new feature that the platform recently launched, viewers are able to analyze a video and see which part of the video has attracted the most attention and has been replayed the most. 

On analyzing the 'RUN BTS' upload, it can be seen that yet again; it is Jimin's part that has attracted the most attention from listeners, being the most replayed part of the song.

There is no question about the significant role that Jimin plays in the group as a stan attractor of the group with his catchy vocals even when he has the least amount of lines compared to the rest of the members. 

It is for this reason that fans cannot wait to listen to a full album from him, as can be seen from the kind of reception to his artistry from the performance of 'With You' on different music charts and platforms right from its debut day to date. Just recently, after the group announced that they would now start to promote individually, Billboard held a poll to see which member's solo project was the most anticipated, Jimin emerged at the top of this ranking as voted by fans [read here].

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Jimin you will always be famous and popular 💙

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