Posted by Germaine-Jay Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Lee Hyori talks about fighting with husband Lee Sang Soon on 'Tteokbokki Brothers'


Lee Hyori opened up about fighting with husband Lee Sang Soon on 'Tteokbokki Brothers'.

On the May 31st episode, Lee Hyori shared she once left home after a fight with Lee Sang Soon, saying, "I have money. I went to a hotel and had a lot of fun." When Kim Jong Min asked what they fought about, she responded, "It's not appropriate for broadcast, so I won't say."

As for whether Lee Sang Soon contacted her after she left, Lee Hyori said, "He contacted me a lot. I wanted him to suffer once. When I go back home, I don't say a word and just lay in bed. When he tells me to eat, I don't eat. I also don't talk for about 2 days. When we fight, I don't talk. If he begs for forgiveness, then I'll get over it whether or not it was my fault. I have to win. I don't talk about what happened afterwards."

She continued, "I was away for 2 days, and he didn't eat anything. He said he didn't eat." Ji Suk Jin then joked, "He could've eaten. He probably at least drank milk."

Stay tuned for updates on Lee Hyori. 

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Sandyofili1,037 pts Tuesday, May 31, 2022 2
Tuesday, May 31, 2022

I feel like lee hyori is the problem in the marriage. Her saying she waits for her husband to apologize even when she does something wrong is just really shitty. It's clear she knows she's hotter than him so she uses the whole I can do better than u thing to get him to conform to her demands

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iamamothermyself2,221 pts Tuesday, May 31, 2022 0
Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Sometimes i feel her response were inappropriate too. There was once episode when they visited a couple friend's house and she openly talk about her dating days and the men she dated in front of her husband and she insist that there's nothing inappropriate with her younger days. And knets commented how cool she is but i think its just a little disrespectful for her husband and the fact that she got mad when the husband mentioned his too..i dont know who's immature between the two

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