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A Pink's Chorong opens up about her bullying controversy for the first time


A Pink's Chorong opened up about her feelings for the first time since she faced allegations about school violence.

On January 1 KST, Chorong created a post on A Pink's official fan cafe titled, "TO. Panda" (A Pink's official fandom name). Here, she opened up about her feelings regarding her bullying controversy. This is the first time Chorong has opened up about the issue after alleged previous classmate A accused her of school violence and claimed Chorong had repeatedly slapped her. Chorong sued A for defamation and for threatening her with the spread of false information. The police concluded that A had threatened Chorong and brought the case up to prosecution. Then, in November 2021, the accusations made against Chorong were revealed to be false.

Chorong wrote, "I am writing here after such a long time. Have you all enjoyed a happy New Year's Day? Last year, I caused many fans a lot of disappointment and worry, and it was a year when my heart was not happy." She continued, "To the fans who were frustrated and concerned as well as disappointed and turned away from me, I'm sorry I couldn't give any answers for a while. To be honest, I at first wrote a long passage and repeatedly erased and wrote it again. But then, I thought about the weight that words had and because I was worried [my words] might become excuses and cause another misunderstanding, I couldn't offer any answers."

Chorong also mentioned A Pink's recent 10th debut anniversary fan meeting that had been held on December 31 KST. Chorong wrote, "When I think of the Pandas who couldn't fully enjoy our 10th anniversary, my heart feels heavy and hurts. I am not a perfect person and am not a person without flaws, but I am working really hard to be careful in everything I do and always act with sincerity. This year, as the leader of A Pink, I will work very hard so that we can deliver only good news to our fans. I will become an even greater leader and greater group, so that you can go out and have pride in saying that you are a fan of A Pink."

Lastly, Chorong added, "It may be uncomfortable to talk about such a heavy topic starting in the new year, but I brought up the courage to write here because it was something I really wanted to say to you. I will no longer ask you to believe in me nor to wait for me. I will just work really hard."

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hiroonakamura6,452 pts Wednesday, January 5, 2022 0
Wednesday, January 5, 2022

to be fair, it would've been better if she had written this back in November when news came out the accuser had lied.... but still it's good to see that she wrote about the topic and didnt ignore it.

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BlinkOnceMore813 pts Wednesday, January 5, 2022 0
Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Please support they're upcoming comeback! It's been almost two years.

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