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Three popular girl groups from the 3rd generation that have already disbanded


In the K-pop industry, there is an ongoing jinx, in which girl groups are unable to surpass the seven-year mark after their contract with their agencies end.

There have been countless fans who have been disappointed and sad to hear their beloved groups disbanding and no longer continuing their group activities.

With the news of Lovelyz's announcement of their disbandment, there are already three girl groups from the third generation that have parted ways.

Starting from Gugudan to GFriend, and now Lovelyz, many fans of these girl groups have become distraught to hear the news that they will no longer be able to see the group activities of these groups.

Gugudan made its debut on June 28, 2016. They garnered much attention with former I.O.I members Sejung and Mina. Gugudan seemed to be slowly gaining popularity with much anticipation. However, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that the girl group would disband after just four years of promotions. The group officially disbanded on December 30, 2020.

GFriend's disbandment might have been the most shocking for fans as the girl group has solidified their spots as one of the top girl groups. Their album '回:Song of the Sirens' was very successful as the girl group made an impressive image change as they showed a more mature sensual side to their charms. Despite the girl group's popularity, all six members decided not to renew their contracts ending their group activities in five years and four months.

Lastly, Lovelyz announced their disbandment yesterday, confirming the long-time rumors of the girl group's disbandment. As the period of their contract renewals closed in, there were many rumors that the girl group members would go their separate ways, and this speculation was only confirmed just a day ago. Making their debut on November 12, 2014, and disbanding on November 16, 2021, Lovelyz will be ending their group promotions after six years.

Netizens commented, "I can't believe we can't see Lovelyz and GFriend anymore," "GFriend's disbandment was the most shocking. I really thought they would last a long time," "I can't say goodbye to GFriend still," "I was listening to Lovelyz songs even though I wasn't a fan who stans them but I can't believe they're disbanding," "This is so bitter, all these good girl groups gone," and "This is so sad."

  1. GFriend (Girlfriend)
  2. Gugudan
  3. Lovelyz
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Sambysamba363 pts 28 days ago 0
28 days ago

I think even Pristin was more popular than Gugudan. Don't know how Pledis managed to promote Pristin better than Jellyfish did with Gugudan.



pink_oracle15,037 pts 28 days ago 0
28 days ago

I don't know about including Gugudan in this topic. They were never as well established as GFriend and Lovelyz. And only really active for about two years of their four years being together.



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