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Shinhwa's Dongwan posts an apology for supporting an artist who solicited prostitution with a minor


Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan wrote a handwritten apology after being criticized by the public for supporting MC the Max's Lee Soo (ISU). ISU was previously sentenced to probation for soliciting prostitution with a minor.

On November 1, Kim Dongwan posted a letter on his Instagram stating, "My judgment was clouded due to heavy drinking and I've caused disappointment to many people. I apologize."

He continued to say, "what I regret the most is that I hurt those who were supporting me and staying by my side for a long time. I will accept everyone's angry scolding and criticisms and will self-reflect so that I can be more careful with my words and actions."

He added, "Once again, I want to deeply apologize from the bottom of my heart to many people. I'm sorry."

Earlier, Kim Dongwan posted a video of MC the Max member singing on 'I Am a Singer,' and wrote on his Instagram, "When will I be able to hear: The voice of ISU."

After seeing his post, many people criticized, "Are you supporting ISU?" and Kim Dongwan blocked the comment section. Then Kim Dongwan shared, "Wow~~ I'm relieved. That you're disappointed in me" on his Instagram story. Soon after, there were a few netizens who claimed they were blocked by Kim Dongwan after leaving a comment on his post.

Meanwhile, in December 2009, while serving as a public service worker, ISU received a suspended indictment for soliciting prostitution with minors. At the time, ISU admitted he had solicited prostitution, but he claimed that he did not know she was a minor.

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B7S3,907 pts Tuesday, November 2, 2021 0
Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Says after he basically told fans to mind their own business and stood his ground and fought with them online about the matter.

Drunk my ass... he had no issue supporting a guy like that until fans gave him shit for it. Man, Shinhwa sure has fallen hard.

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Aga_C6,280 pts Tuesday, November 2, 2021 0
Tuesday, November 2, 2021

I'm sorry how does being drunk have anything to do with you supporting a pedo? They even say being drunk makes you speak more truthfully..

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