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YouTuber Lee Jin Ho says 'A' distorted some of the truth and answers whether or not Salt Entertainment was behind the exposure of Kim Seon Ho's controversy


On October 21, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho posted a video with the title "After Kim Seon Ho's apology...He was exposed because he tried to leave the agency?"

The former entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho began by saying, "Kim Seon Ho, who has been embroiled in a recent controversy, has chosen to apologize rather than refute or give excuses." Lee Jin Ho was the first YouTuber to mention the name 'Kim Seon Ho' when the 'actor K' controversy first surfaced and also foreshadowed that there would be a great stir if the real identity of the ex-girlfriend was revealed.

In regards to this, Lee Jin Ho said, "After my broadcast, there were two issues that arose. One is the suspicion that Kim Seon Ho's ex-girlfriend is an escort in the entertainment business. This is a very absurd speculation. If Kim Seon Ho was meeting a woman from those entertainment businesses, then there is not even an ounce of hope for him." He continued to explain, "The identity of 'A' was partially revealed. I didn't know it would be revealed this fast. I found issues from A's posts and I also received a lot of tips. I even called 'A' personally to check the contents."

In addition, "There are divided opinions that 'A' is a victim. It's hard to see that everything 'A' wrote is all true. There were more than a few parts that were distorted and there were questions that arose due to this reason. This was what happened between a man and a woman and Kim Seon Ho did not do anything wrong according to the law. However, ultimately, the two were lovers and the pregnancy and abortion were close to the real truth. However, I will not speak about this further since Kim Seon Ho, who is at the center of this, has apologized."

Lee Jin Ho explained that he had objections to the legal representative saying that Kim Seon Ho's ex-girlfriend is a non-celebrity.

Moreover, Lee Jin Ho drew the line in regards to the controversy that Salt Entertainment purposely exposed the actor. The reporter stated this isn't true. Lee Jin Ho explained, "In actuality, the contract has not ended and Salt Entertainment stated that they have to manage Kim Seon Ho as long as he belongs to the company and the agency must worry about paying the fees for breaching contracts." Therefore, Lee Jin Ho explained that it doesn't make sense for the company to release such information to bring their own actor down. Lee Jin Ho explained, "In my eyes, they're a company that is trying to protect Kim Seon Ho."

Also, Lee Jin Ho explained that the anonymous social media account claiming to be an acquaintance of Kim Seon Ho cannot be trusted. Lee Jin Ho explained, "If this person is a close acquaintance of Kim Seon Ho, there is no way that they would not know the contract period remaining for Kim Seon Ho. That account is there to snatch away even the last hope that fans have. When I checked, Kim Seon Ho was still in contact with his acquaintances on the 18th. And I saw that this person deleted the post probably because they felt guilty of something." This refutes the anonymous account's statement that Kim Seon Ho's acquaintances lost contact with the actor on the 18th.

Furthermore, Lee Jin Ho added, "This person said that there will be more exposure that will be released with the media outlets on the 25th, but this person knows nothing about this field of business. If this information was spread to media outlets, it would have already been released. This is an account that is hard to trust."

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justacitizen134 pts Thursday, October 21, 2021 31
Thursday, October 21, 2021

tbh isn't this scandal blown out of portion? He still did wrong nevertheless but he and his ex-girlfriend are both adults (35&36). They decided on the abortion together and after it they dated for another 9 months? He didn't drag her to the hospital and rumors said she is wealthy too. If she wanted, she can have the baby alone. I feel like the ex-girlfriend just wants to revenge him for leaving her. She mentioned too many times how the abortion affected her badly and she is too young or something like that to gain sympathy from the public. Turned out she is even older than him. She just wants to drag him down where she is. Somehow the ex-girlfriend is too problematic for me to say she is the victim.


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Adesewapearl106 pts Thursday, October 21, 2021 3
Thursday, October 21, 2021

Koreans are really going all out for KSH, first time have seen this...


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