Posted by Sophie-Ha Wednesday, October 20, 2021

How netizens are reacting to Kim Seon Ho's apology to his ex-girlfriend


On October 20, actor Kim Seon Ho released a formal statement of apology toward his ex-girlfriend 'A' after becoming wrapped up in controversial accusations

Kim Seon Ho stated, "First, I sincerely apologize for my belated statement. When I first saw the news articles with my name on them a few days ago, I experienced fear as I had never felt before, which is why I am only now presenting myself in writing.

I dated this person with good feelings. But during the relationship, I hurt this person due to my incompetence and lack of consideration. I had hoped to meet with this person again in order to deliver my sincere apology, but I am currently unable to do so and am waiting for that time when I am presented with the opportunity."

The actor continued to apologize to everyone who was hurt by this incident stating, "I hope to relay my apology in earnest through this letter. I would also like to apologize to all those who trusted me and cheered me on until the end, for disappointing you. I was only able to stand tall as actor Kim Seon Ho because of the people who cheered me on, but I had forgotten this fact. I also take this time to apologize to the many people who worked with me on various productions for the harm which I have caused, due to my mistakes." 

After Kim Seon Ho's apology was posted, many netizens and fans could not help but feel betrayed and shocked as Kim Seon Ho had a pristine image. They gathered to an online community to share their thoughts and commented, "Sigh...I really liked him starting from '100 Days My Prince,' and I even started watching '2 Days & 1 Night' from episode 1. I really liked him thereafter. What is this? Is it hard to live like a decent person??," "I really liked him," "Bye to Kim Seon Ho now," "Wow, this was real," "I can't believe this," "Once again, I realize you can't trust in a celebrities' images," "He apologized but why is this so baffling and ridiculous," "He should be thankful that the woman didn't release evidence," "He is the worst. I hope he doesn't appear on tv again," "Man, I hope he would disappear from tv," "I'm just speechless," "I was hoping this wasn't true but I can't believe it's real," "This was true?" and "Why is he apologizing now after he's been exposed."

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iluv1n2d1,705 pts Wednesday, October 20, 2021 4
Wednesday, October 20, 2021

So the article contributor copied and pasted seon ho’s apology and found comments…ahmm why not just post all ours as well…


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Dr_Little2,234 pts Wednesday, October 20, 2021 1
Wednesday, October 20, 2021

hahahaha as always AKP is milking it till the end! Gotta love these guys they are so consistent with every single scandal that should not be the scandal. Always the same, article after article, careful selection of negative comments on this and that to boost audience engagement. Kudos for consistency AKP!


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