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'Street Woman Fighter' contestant No:ze's beauty sparks discussion about why she didn't become an idol


On Mnet's dance competition show 'Street Woman Fighter', contestant No:ze has been gaining a lot of attention for her idol-tier beauty.

On a recent online community forum, one netizen created a post titled, "Why didn't No:ze become an idol?"

In response, netizens commented:

"What does it matter whether they are dancers or idols? Lolll Do you think dancers are all people who failed at becoming idols?"

"She dances that well, so she probably wanted to become a dancer."

"Do you have to become an idol if you're pretty?"

"You have to sing well to become a singer."

"You can't just become an idol because you want to."

"The respect towards the job as a dancer seems to be really big, so why is this post putting down the job of a dancer?"

"It's possible that her dream was to be a dancer. You don't become an idol just because you're pretty."

"She could have been the center member of aespa."

"Her skills are a waste for her to become an idol."

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sleeplessssss933 pts 23 days ago 4
23 days ago

Wait, she's stunning but also LOL idk how this is a question. She can either be a professional dancer & get to live her life freely, date who she wants, have a reasonable schedule, still be on stage & perform, speak freely on her social media, have friends of the opposite sex, go out & party when she wants, & she gets to have her privacy & a normal life.


Or she could choose to be an idol & be legally bound by a 7 year contract where you give huge percentages of your income to the agency, have no privacy, have no ability to live your life freely, can't go anywhere without paparazzi, stalkers, &/or screaming fans, not be able to post or speak freely online, not be able to date, not be able to have friends of the opposite sex, be worked until you have to be hospitalized, have your every move monitored by managers/fans/stalkers who are ready to attack you for everything from your resting face to your weight, & you have thousands if not millions of people who genuinely don't understand that the character you play on stage isn't who you are as person & that they don't really know you. Oh, & best part: the fans genuinely believe that because they chose to spend their time & money on you & your group that you somehow owe them your personal life & if they don't like something you do in your personal life you must apologize to them profusely & beg for forgiveness & likely have to take months off away from your career. Yeah, being an idol sounds phenomenal.


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Jintianxiayu277 pts 23 days ago 0
23 days ago

ew who wants to be an idol, awful career.



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