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Alleged former classmate of 'Street Woman Fighter' dancer Hyeily accuses her of school bullying


A netizen has come forward to accuse a contestant on Mnet's audition program 'Street Woman Fighter' of school bullying.

On September 3 KST, netizen 'A,' who identified themselves as a former classmate, made a post in online community Nate Pann titled "A friend who tormented me is appearing on 'Street Woman Fighter.'"

While 'A' did not use the contestant's stage name in the contents of their post, both referring to her as 'Jong Hye' and the proof of their identity that they provided – yearbooks from Beolmal Elementary School and Daean Girls' Middle School – pointed to the contestant in question being Hyeily. The PROWDMON dancer attended both of these schools, and her real name is Park Jong Hye.

"That friend tormented me from elementary school through middle school, and I was hurt by their actions," 'A' explained. "They teased me by calling me 'pig' a lot, and they would tell me that I smell bad. I was tormented to the point where even the teacher knew the look in their eye when they would stare at me, how they behaved toward me."

'A' also claimed the bullying happened both in and out of school, sharing that the two also attended the same English and mathematics academy after school. During academy hours as well, the student would tease her by telling her that she smelled.

"The instructor would comfort me by telling me 'It's okay. You smell good.' But I cried so much," they continued.

"The memory I cannot erase the most is when that friend and her social group would call me a lot and ask me why I wasn't picking up to raise my phone bill," they then explained, adding that they eventually brought their phone bill to school and some of her school friends were able to help her through the situation.

"When we started high school, we grew further apart, and as we also switched academies, I forgot about that friend and moved on," 'A' continued. "However, I was really shocked the moment that friend's face was shown on 'Street Woman Fighters.' I confirmed it was that friend by checking her birthday and Instagram account, and after deliberating, I posted this [message]."

The message ended with 'A' speaking to Hyeily directly, writing, "Jong Hye, if you happen to see this, I think you will know who I am. I don't think that the things that hurt me back then will be erased if you say that you say you're sorry. However, I hope that you also feel the same way that I do. I hope you feel how much I cried."

Meanwhile, the post has since been deleted from the site.

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xxamr2,213 pts 21 days ago 15
21 days ago

I see a trend here. These supposed “victims” only decided to seek justice when their abusers become famous. Why not before? If they had and those abusers decided to brush it off, what made they think that their abusers would apologise sincerely now? There’s only one objective here; to tarnish people’s image and subsequently destroy their career.

It’s basically an act of revenge. What makes them any different than their abusers then? As a bully victim myself, I can assure you the best way to heal is to make peace with the fact that it happened and grow stronger. Forcing people to pay for their sins won’t make you any happier.

I forgave my abusers and decided to move on from my past. That doesn’t mean I erased it from my mind. Forgiving them helped me to move past the trauma. Sure it took some time, but it is worth it. I don’t think I’ll be where I am right now if I keep on dwelling on it


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RXSHINEE876 pts 21 days ago 3
21 days ago

elementary and middle school bullying omg !!! why are ppl bring up shit from when they were children!!!! everyone knows that kids can be ruthless!!! who in the world is the same person they were in elementary and middle school!!


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