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Famous actress in her 50s accused of making false sexual assault claims


Famous actress 'Khas been accused of making false sexual assault claims.

According to legal insiders, a man in his 50s 'A' has filed a lawsuit against 'K,' who is also in her 50s, for allegedly making false sexual assault claims against him. It's reported that police dismissed the sexual assault claims against 'A' by 'K', and now, 'A' is moving forward to sue her. It's said earlier this year 'K' filed a report with the police alleging 'A' attempted to sexually assault her on 3 occasions from July of 2017 to September of 2019.

'A' stated, "Since 2016, we've been dating for 4 years, and I even provided 10 million Won ($8,735.08 USD) worth of financial support every month. However, when we broke up in September of 2020, she falsely filed a complaint, saying some of the sex they had during the time of their relationship was coercive."

Reports say this isn't the first legal battle between 'A' and 'K.' In 2020, 'A' sued actress 'K' for spreading false information about the sexual assault to his biological sister and others. 'A' is further alleged to have made several threats against 'K' through text messages and write malicious comments about her on network community forums online. 'K' also held a phone interview with reporters, claiming she was suffering mentally because of 'A's stalking.  

Stay tuned for any updates. 

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12 days ago

Unless Famous actress 'K' is identified, your reporting is NOTHING but tabloid BS!



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12 days ago

Many times victims get counter lawsuits of flalse claims against them to scare them. Just because they dated and she was his lets be honest sugar baby does not give consent to to sex nor does it mean she should feel obligated to have sex the moment he wants it. In this case tho from the text messages and clear evidence she is lying tho for sure because Im sorry but she never loved him and please men have some brains to know that no woman that loves you would want financial support not to work. In his case I do think he was smart and that big support was indeed because of the sex. In any case its a red flag if she want your money to spend run. Its not like this woman was pregnant had kid to raise or a baby who she needs to breastfeed every 2 hours for like 2 years so she cant work...She lost her cash flow and wants revenge that is what this case looks like no wonder the police were like immediately go home bish. Conclusion date but don't give money out like this.


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