Posted by Susan-Han Thursday, July 22, 2021

Beijing police reveal initial findings in Kris Wu's rape investigation + confirm that women were invited to Wu's home under pretense of 'MV casting'


The initial findings in the ongoing police investigation of Chinese singer/actor Kris Wu (also a former member of EXO) is currently the major buzz on various C-media platforms.

Previously, a woman named Du Meizhu accused Kris Wu of "raping" her and numerous other women, including underaged minors, in a series of SNS posts. Kris Wu's side stepped up to deny all allegations made against him, as the case was soon turned over to Beijing police for investigation. 

As of July 22, according to police, Du Meizhu was invited to Kris Wu's home by Wu's manager at the time in December of 2020, believing that the gathering was an opportunity to "audition" for a role in Wu's MV. Du and Wu "engaged in sexual relations", after which Du and Wu maintained contact via WeChat. Kris Wu also offered Du money to be used for "online shopping".

During her police questioning, Du Meizhu also confessed that she originally raised allegations against Kris Wu in order to gain "fame"

Furthermore, it was revealed that police arrested an individual named Liu Tiao on July 18, 2021 for committing fraud and using fake SNS identities to trick both Du Meizhu and Kris Wu's side. Liu Tiao initially approached Du Meizhu in order to abstract money from Kris Wu's side over the alleged rape controversy, then also turned sides in order to abstract money from Du Meizhu as well. 

So far, police are continuing their investigation in order to uncover whether or not Kris Wu and his party intentionally "lured" women, including underaged minors, for the purpose of having sexual relations. Stay tuned for updates.

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jaja_jong869 pts Thursday, July 22, 2021 37
Thursday, July 22, 2021

my understanding is that:

1. There is still no proof that Kris actually raped minors, but it's clear that he targeted 18,19 years old girls, lured them in with money and fame, he is a f*ckboy who had sugar daddy - baby relationships with multiple young girls (he gave them money, and they accepted it). An ex member of SNH48 outed him for inviting her to have a meal together then touched and groped her against her will, and there are photos of him in bed with different women.

2. Ms. Du plotted the whole accusations thing to gain fame and clout. It's not clear whether Kris did rape her or not, but she did continue to date him after that night and received a lot of money from him "for online shopping".

3. There is a con man who used this situation between Kris and Ms. Du to gain some for himself. He pretended to be a victim to gain Ms. Du's trust then exploit information from her. Then he created fake accounts pretending to be both Ms. Du and Kris' side, lying and taking money.

No matter what, Kris's career is over. If he actually commited rape, is jail time for him for sure. Let's just wait for final investigation results.

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gentlett258 pts Thursday, July 22, 2021 4
Thursday, July 22, 2021

I think more clarity will come from investigating more cases if there is a pattern of abuse or casual sex. None of the parties investigated are credible at this moment and seem to have twisted reality or lied to their advantage.

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