Posted by Sophie-Ha Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Netizens talk about the girl groups that are much more popular overseas than in South Korea


There are some K-pop groups that gain more recognition from international fans than Korean fans. 

One Korean netizen recently created an online community post discussing some girl groups that receive more recognition and popularity from overseas than South Korea. The netizen explained that these girl groups are not as popular in Korea but have an immense following from international fans.

According to the netizen, EVERGLOW often shows off high viewer numbers every time they release their music videos, and most of the viewers are from fans outside of South Korea.

Dream Catcher is another girl group that has more fans overseas than they do in Korea. The netizen explained that Dream Catcher sells many album copies and merchandise and most of the fans who buy them are from other countries.

Another girl group mentioned in the post's comment section is LOONA. This girl group first began gaining recognition overseas as they slowly gained much popularity in South Korea. Although LOONA has a substantial number of fans in South Korea, they are also a group that has more followers abroad. 

Korean netizens also joined the online community to praise these girl groups and hope that they gain more popularity in South Korea. Netizens commented, "I love Dream Catcher, they have good songs. I hope they get popular in Korea," "Yeah, it might be hard for EVERGLOW to hit the top in South Korea, but good thing they have fans overseas," "I like Dream Catcher," "I like Dream Catcher's songs, they sound like opening songs for anime or something. I hope they get recognition in Korea," "In my opinion, EVERGLOW sounds more like C-Pop, lol, maybe it's because of their image and their company," "I was thinking about LOONA but they're starting to become popular in Korea now," and "I hope they all get popular in Korea."

  1. Dream Catcher
  3. LOONA
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vivibee1,428 pts Tuesday, June 1, 2021 1
Tuesday, June 1, 2021

loona has def been getting more recognition bc of chuu but still no where as close as their international fandom. all 3 of these groups make very quality music so i can see why they’re all popular !

songs i’d recommend from each group:

dreamcatcher - wonderland, july 7th, tension, fly high

everglow - untouchable, don’t say don’t tell, moon

loona - satellite, stylish, star, let me in (haseul‘s solo, she’s finally back !!)


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zicco-344 pts Tuesday, June 1, 2021 4
Tuesday, June 1, 2021

allkpop is so disgraceful they don't even care to write a single article about Everglow 1. win. Actually only cares about "the big ones" SHAME ON YOU!


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