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Korean netizens baffled with April members Naeun's and Jinsol's statements in regards to the bullying controversy


It has only been two days since the reports that DSP Media filed a legal complaint against Hyunjoo for defamation. 

Previously, DSP Media decided to sue Hyunjoo's acquaintance, but the police rejected the agency's lawsuit. The police decided to reject the lawsuit taking into consideration that the acquaintance had personally heard the account of events from Hyunjoo and that several articles have already been distributed about the matter. Therefore, DSP Media made the decision to sue Hyunjoo, the source of the information.

Then on June 11, member Naeun wrote a lengthy personal statement denying all bullying allegations followed by a statement from member Jinsol. In their statements, both girls denied that they had ever bullied Hyunjoo. Naeun and Jinsol stated that they took the time to write a statement for their fans and were waiting for the company's official position in this controversy.

Naeun's statement
Jinsol's statement

Both members continued to deny that they had bullied Hyunjoo and claim they are innocent. However, many netizens have already turned their backs as they believe there is enough clear evidence of the bullying.

Many netizens gathered to an online community to share their response to Naeun's and Jinsol's statements. Netizens responded to Naeun's statement saying, "This is very obvious they're trying to make a comeback from all this. These two girls posted their statements two days after DSP Media said they would sue Hyunjoo," "Wow, they're really brazen," "There's no sincerity in her letter," "She just wants to make a comeback," "where's the apology to the member?" "Wow....." "I mean, you can make a comeback, I just won't buy it or listen, lol," "This statement is just an excuse. She's saying she didn't do anything wrong basically," and "I don't get the point of her statement, lol." 

Netizens commented in response to Jinsol's statement "The photo of Hyunjoo's letter to Jinsol only shows that Hyunjoo is nice and she tried to get close to Jinsol but Jinsol didn't accept her," "LOL, you never acted with ill intent?" "Wow, Jinsol, do you not get that the letter you posted only makes you look bad?" "The letter breaks my heart more," "Why did she even post that letter?" and "I'm not even a fan on Hyunjoo but this breaks my heart just reading that letter. I can see Hyunjoo was a nice person."

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Secretninja3126,137 pts Friday, June 11, 2021 3
Friday, June 11, 2021

This is going to get ugly no matter what and quite frankly, it can go either way. Netizens and people on social media don't know what really went down so we really shouldn't be picking sides and really having any opinion on it because unless they were there during these girl's trainee days and early debut years, we really don't know their actual relationship. It's very easy to take someone's words or old clips, twist the context in order to paint a specific picture to fit a specific narrative. As international fans, we have to be extra careful with what articles or posts we see on the internet because we're getting mostly translated material and again, it's very easy to mistranslate or twists words to sway one's opinions one way or another. AllKpop is not helping in this situation since they're just publishing whatever fuel comes through from unreliable sources and half-assed translations.

It's best to just stand back, not pick sides, and take whatever content that surfaces with a grain of salt because not everything on the internet is the truth and we were not involved first hand and don't know what happened.


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tenspot2,219 pts Friday, June 11, 2021 6
Friday, June 11, 2021

I still don't understand why AKP never posts a positive comment whenever they circulate these articles. Never even one. It turns them from being neutral reporters into instigators.


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