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Garo Sero Institute's Kim Yong Ho says he crossed the line by revealing identity of Choi Ji Woo's husband


Garo Sero Institute's Kim Yong Ho revealed he crossed the line by revealing the identity of Choi Ji Woo's husband.

The YouTube channel previously exposed private information about Choi Ji Woo's non-celebrity husband and alleged he was cheating on the actress. The Garo Sero Institute hosts discussed a headline, stating, "Garo Sero Institute's disclosure didn't bother a relaxed Han Ye Seul," which referred to the hosts claims that Han Ye Seul's current boyfriend is a former escort. Han Ye Seul later personally denied the rumors.

Kim Yong Ho responded to the headline, saying, "Let's not be motivated by such articles. Han Ye Seul is relaxed? Should I make her not relaxed? If it goes this way... I told myself I won't cross the line, but yesterday, I crossed the line a little." Co-host Kang Yong Suk said, "Because you revealed the photo [of Choi Ji Woo's husband]," and Kim Yong Ho commented, "Choi Ji Woo is a little pitiable. I exposed Han Ye Seul because she's going around like that. Choi Ji Woo was living quietly. It's a bit regretful."

Kim Yong Ho then said of the reasons behind his recent actions, "The reason I crossed the line is because of articles that are inciting conflict. Anyway, I'll admit I'm too overheated these days. I'll stick to the line a little."

What do you think of Kim Yong Ho's statements? 

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Pinkcoffiana46 pts 2 days ago 1
2 days ago

Did Han ye sul reject him or something ?? Why does he have so much vim against her


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Jeneral_Kanina376 pts 2 days ago 6
2 days ago

People need to visit all his video and flag them as harassments, hate crime, etc. We need to demonetize all his videos, no pay, he won't stray.


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