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Olivia Rodrigo's YouTube promotion in Korea mentioning BTS sparks controversy


Olivia Rodrigo's YouTube promotion in Korea mentioning BTS has sparked controversy. 

On May 30th, a post on a popular online community gained attention after calling out Olivia Rodrigo's official YouTube channel for promoting 'Good 4 U' under the title "A song topped the Billboard competing with BTS" in Korea. According to the post, he has never seen a pop singer using another singer's name to promote her/his song in Korea and many others agreed in the comments. 


Some of the netizens' reactions were: "I guess icecreams and carwash coupons weren't enough to promote her song lol"

"She is receiving massive supports from her country while BTS's streaming numbers are getting filtered on Spotify...International ARMYs are fighting a long and hard battle. But things like this do make us stronger."

"The user who first found that out and tweeted got cyberbullied by her fans and BTS antis. He later posted a video clip showing this is really how she promotes her song in Korea. But then those bullies told her to get a life lmao. Pathetic much?" 

"I don't care if she promotes her song but stop using our boys' name to ride on the clout."

"Now BTS antis are going to stream that song to prevent BTS from topping the Hot 100 smh"

"I don't understand why she is doing such a thing in Korea when she is already doing well in the U.S." 

What do you think?  

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miameow236,902 pts 14 days ago 5
14 days ago

Her label seems to not trust her abilities enough to promote her using another artist's name .


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Violetta1237,144 pts 15 days ago 0
15 days ago

Lots of people still have too much time on their hands. But seriously, if your label gets you to buy people off with icecream and car washes, how much faith do they really have in you?



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