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Media outlets criticize YG Entertainment for how they handle responses to labelmates' issues


Media outlets are criticizing YG Entertainment for differing responses to labelmates' issues.

BLACKPINK's Jennie was recently under fire for allegedly violating social distancing guidelines by having more than 5 people gather at an arboretum, but it was later explained she was there to shoot a YouTube video. As it was a business visit, the limit on people gathered was more than 5, which means no guidelines had been broken.

Both the arboretum and YG Entertainment eventually denounced the claims Jennie had broken social distancing rules, but media outlets are now calling out the label for how they handle official statements. According to the media outlets, YG Entertainment did not release an official statement on Jennie right away, but let the arboretum defend her instead. The label did not respond with a statement until days afterwards.

Media outlet Newsen specifically criticized YG Entertainment for not handling the situation soon enough. They also cited paparazzi shots of G-Dragon smoking outside of a smoking zone with his mask down, which the label did not comment on.

Newsen claimed labels should react swiftly so artists do not become public targets and receive unfair judgment like in Jennie's case.

In related news, Jennie's fans previously sent protest trucks to YG Entertainment, asking the label to protect her as she'd been subject to malicious rumors.

What are your thoughts on the situation?

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Roslolian1,087 pts 25 days ago 8
25 days ago

Nah YG has the correct response which is dont overreact and trip over yourself to explain to media.

reporters hate it because they can only blow it up and make a story if YG responds with a statement. Look at JYP and Cube, because they always react and respond to stories Hyunjin and Soojin almost got cancelled due to bullying even if no bullying really happened (and no, talking behind your back one time isnt bullying smh).


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Tg139249 pts 25 days ago 3
25 days ago

G dragon smoking with a mask down ??? How else do you smoke 😂


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