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Netizens react to Seventeen Mingyu's accuser & say that Pledis Entertainment should take legal action


Netizens are fired up against the recent accuser of Seventeen's Mingyu.

In light of Pledis Entertainment's official statement denying Mingyu's recent rumors, netizens are expressing their anger towards the accuser who claimed that the member used to be a malicious bystander. Although the accuser and a few anonymous commenters re-posted on community forums to apologize to the netizens, fans suggested that Pledis Entertainment should still take legal action against them for defamation. 

Some comments include:

"Are they out of their minds? Even the apology statements didn't seem sincere. They are still claiming that they were the 'victims' and that there was something wrong in other people's memories."

"Poor Mingyu. I hope his company sues them."

"The amount of emotional distress involved must have destroyed their spirits..."

"I think these accusers need some serious help..."

"What if all these accusations were purely imaginary?! That's scary"

"I'm not even a fan, but this makes me so angry."

"Sue, please!"

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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kalimilano1,946 pts 21 days ago 0
21 days ago

Thank you Pledis for the way to handle this situation



grubbysluggy15 pts 21 days ago 0
21 days ago

I'm glad they researched all the accusations so carefully, and I'm happy that people are hearing the whole story... for a while it was getting so confusing I was worried everything was just going to get so mixed up no one would bother to hear it to the end or care!

I only want the company to do what's best for Mingyu. If that means sue, or not suing. They've done a good job with it so far that I trust their judgement.



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