Posted by Sophie-Ha Monday, January 25, 2021

TV personality Kim Sae Rom apologizes for her careless remark about the episode of 'Unanswered Questions' on the Jungin case


TV personality Kim Sae Rom has been under heavy criticism for making a slip of the tongue during her home shopping show.

Kim Sae Rom posted a lengthy apology on her Instagram by saying, "I am writing this while self-reflecting on my actions on the show that just finished broadcasting. I apologize for mentioning the other program carelessly. I was not aware that the topic of the show was the incident that angered many citizens, including myself. I am disappointed in myself for making a careless remark about the show that always shows important content."

She continued to write, "I am reading your comments and am feeling a lot of things. I'll reflect on my rash behavior while reading the criticisms toward me."

Earlier, Kim Sae Rom appeared on a home shopping show during the same time as the SBS program 'Unanswered Questions' that was broadcast on the 23rd. During the show, Kim Sae Rom carelessly stated, "Is the 'Unanswered question' show over? is it over? That's not what matters right now," emphasizing that the product she was selling was more important than the show. However, on that same day, 'Unanswered questions' was broadcasting the follow-up story of Jungin, the child who was abused by her adoptive parents to death, causing public outrage.

Meanwhile, GS Home Shopping CEO, Kim Ho Sung apologized on his official Instagram account on the 24th as well. He stated, "We apologize for disappointing the viewers on the 23rd through the careless remarks made by the tv personality who hosted the show. We apologize and we have decided that Kim Sae Rom will no longer appear on the show 'Show Me the Trend'."

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bast_rd2,322 pts Monday, January 25, 2021 0
Monday, January 25, 2021

honestly, i doubt she would have known that Jungin was the focus of the Unanswered Questions show that was airing at the same time. Who would say what she said, if they knew? So I'm not saying this just to dissent from what seems to be the common opinion, I'm saying it because I believe it; personally, I think her words are entirely forgivable. People on TV usually know which programs that are on at the same time as their own program but that doesn't mean they'll know what the episode is about. It's incredibly unfortunate that she said what she said given that the episode was about Jungin.

All of that aside, I really hope the best for Jungin's case. The poor baby /: The people who adopted and murdered her need serious sentences. I also hope that the issue of child welfare, specifically when dealing with extra vulnerable demographics like fostered or adopted children, is paid more attention to. This is an area that needs to be paid attention to all over the world.



growl2133 pts Monday, January 25, 2021 0
Monday, January 25, 2021

she wants to be funny without see/watch what that show content. she not comedian either.



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