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Chinese netizens say "The devil really wears Prada" after scandals with top celebrities Irene, Chanyeol, and Zheng Shuang


The year 2020 has been a rough year for brand ambassadors of Prada as there were various scandals and rumors that surfaced.

In October of last year, Irene was involved in an attitude controversy as an editor and stylist posted a long excerpt on her social media page, exposing the rude actions of a celebrity. The writing was posted with the hashtags "Psycho" and "Monster," in which many netizens speculated the celebrity to be a member of Red Velvet. Soon after, Irene apologized, admitting that she was the celebrity in question in the editor's post.

Not too long after, a dating rumor rose about Chanyeol. An anonymous netizen posted on an online community claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of Chanyeol. The individual claimed that the idol member was unfaithful as he had cheated on her for the three years they were dating.

Irene and Chanyeol were named as the brand ambassadors on September 18th of 2020, and the brand was in a difficult situation as their two brand ambassadors of Korea were involved in very unpleasant controversies.

These two Korean celebrities have a large following in China as well since they are both part of very popular idol groups. Therefore the controversy also spread across the Chinese online communities.

Even before the controversy with these Korean celebrity ambassadors subsided, a huge scandal broke out in China involving one of their top actresses, Zheng Shuang.

The actress appeared last week in the brand's Chinese New Year campaign as the new ambassador of the brand. Shortly after, her ex-lover, producer Zhang Heng revealed that he had been staying in the U.S taking care of their two children born from a surrogate mother. The producer revealed on a Weibo post on January 18th that he had been staying in the U.S to take care of the two children.

Actress Zheng Shuang and producer Zhang Heng had been dating and had allegedly gotten married in the U.S. After getting married, the two decided to have children through surrogacy. However, the two broke up a few months later before the children were born, and since the surrogate mother was already seven months pregnant at the time, they could not abort the children. Since then, the producer has been staying in the U.S., taking care of the children himself. 

After this scandal broke out in China, Chinese netizens have complained to Prada for their association with the actress and urged them to distance themselves from her.

As this controversy heightened in China, Chinese netizens are looking back at the other controversies with the brand ambassadors of Prada and are stating that "the devil does wear Prada." 


On January 19th, Prada decided to cancel their ambassadorship with Sheng Shuang making her the most short-lived brand ambassador in Prada's history.

Korean netizens who have come across this scandal were in awe of the scale of the controversy that occurred with the Chinese actress. Korean netizens commented, "Wow, the devil does wear Prada, lol," "The scale of their controversy is incomparable to Korea's," "I think last year and this year were awful for Prada," "What's wrong with the ambassadors that Prada picks lol they all create a scandal of some sort, lol" "Oh my, this is so bad," and "Wow, I know that actress, I thought she was nice but this scandal is really too much."

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bribri812716 pts Tuesday, January 19, 2021 4
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

For Zheng Shuan’s case, the devil wears Prada indeed. Last minute she had doubts and didn’t want her life to change, so she bailed taking responsibility and just abandoned like that...


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cabbagejuice3,418 pts Tuesday, January 19, 2021 2
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

comparing irene and chanyeol to this actress is really overreaching. she used a surrogate so that no one would know she has kids in order to keep being a top actress. and she was going to abort/give away her children just bc she didnt want them anymore. the things her and her parents said were vile, they said it was annoying that they couldnt get abortions after 6 months in the US, treating them like toys or cars they could just take back before paying the full price. they were ready to throw away those kids for no reason


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