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True Beauty Ep 4: Cha Eun Woo's jealousy 10/10


Make sure to catch up on episode 3 before you start watching this episode – because it’s starting to get hot and heavy! The fourth episode starts out with Soo Ho and Seo Joon in the beginning of a fist fight (before they got stopped by the teachers) because Seo Joon went to go sit next to Joo Kyung with Soo Ho watching. Now the love triangle really starts.

And it’s not just me that knows – the whole school is in on it and they all bombard Joo Kyung on who she will pick. I know it’s a drama but it does annoy me sometimes when they do go above and beyond to make comments about her appearance like, “If you were just ordinary and not pretty, there’s no way that two of the popular guys would be after you.”

There is a glimpse as to why Seo Joon hates Soo Ho – and that is when they attended the school together before (Seo Joon’s mom was sick so he also took time off), one of their mutual friends was rumored to be bullying people. When that mutual friend went to Soo Ho for help, it seems like the help wasn’t necessarily given at the time – or per Seo Joon’s recollection. I think we’ll get more of what really happened as the drama goes on!

Can you feel my heart racing?

Eun Woo looking like a total snack as he sits in the comic book store waiting for Joo Kyung. When she gets up close and personal, Soo Ho seems to get flustered. She’s also set up on a blind date (called 소개팅) with one of her friend’s friends, and Soo Ho seems to get more flustered – but in a bad way. It’s cute how he’s starting to show signs of how he is jealous. Joo Kyung goes “Maybe when I get a boyfriend I’ll get better grades” to which Soo Ho replies “Just focus on your grades.” It’s blind date time and Joo Kyung gets ready with a new look along with clothes she stole from her sister.

So cute as Soo Ho follows her to the movies (so he thinks) and when he thinks that Joo Kyung and her blind date are kissing he rampages through everyone – literally as he jumps across rows of seats in a heartbeat – to separate the couple. Only to find out that it wasn’t Joo Kyung but a random couple who looked similar. It actually ends up that her blind date is two-timing as Soo Ho catches him with another girl after Joo Kyung’s date. Soo Ho though “takes care of it” by making sure they don’t go on a date again! Not sure if this is for his benefit or for Joo Kyung’s…

Soo Ho’s acts can be seen all throughout this episode as when their study group went to karaoke after studying, Soo Ho noticed Joo Kyung’s skirt a little short so he placed a pillow on top of her legs while “casually” grabbing a bottle of water. So sweet and so cute! Of course, Seo Joon happens to be at the same karaoke singing a masterpiece and out of the blue they’re chased by some randos so Joo Kyung and Seo Joon hold hands and take off! Soo Ho sees them and goes after them too – sad because while trying to protect Joo Kyung, he ends up getting hurt. Seo Joon gives Joo Kyung a ride to her neighborhood and Soo Ho (how is he so fast?!) is waiting for Joo Kyung. Unfortunately Joo Kyung’s sister, Hee Kyung, ruins the mood by throwing up on Soo Ho’s shirt – she was incredibly drunk. Before the two guys take off for the night, Soo Ho asks Seo Joon, “Do you like Joo Kyung?” to which he answers “I think I might.”

Don’t go!

You can tell this is a huge tease for Soo Ho as he is definitely crushing on Joo Kyung hard. When Joo Kyung is about to run off to tell Seo Joon something, Soo Ho comes and grabs Joo Kyung’s arm and tells her “Don’t go.”

This scene made my hert flutter as I think Soo Ho will be more obvious in showing his affection for Joo Kyung. Make sure to tune in on Wed/Thurs for new episodes of True Beauty!

Disclaimer: screenshots are from tvN. 

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9sfa332 pts Wednesday, December 23, 2020 3
Wednesday, December 23, 2020

I have some questions about the drama. I have watched all episodes that have one out so far and have read quite a few chapters of the webtoon and I’m curious about some things. The drama is only 16 episodes long but that’s not enough to cram in the entire webtoon without it being rushed. It’s already on episode 4 and in the webtoon (don’t want to spoil too much) but are they gonna have a time jump. I mean I know that they haven’t just made the webtoon into a drama and instead they adapted it so some of the things in the webtoon might not happen. It’s hard to ask my questions without giving too much of a spoiler for those who have not read the webtoon. I dropped it cuz I was conflicted with the second male lead. He is really nice and I fell sorry for him cuz considering suho is the male lead, him and the female lead won’t get together. I prefer suho and the female lead together but I just feel sad for him and want him to be with someone. (This isn’t a spoiler right. I don’t want people replying saying I spoiled the drama for them) I actually don’t know who she will get but don’t female and male lead always end up being the final couple.


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myung-mitha1,059 pts Tuesday, December 22, 2020 4
Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Is this drama really worth watching?? Is it too cringey??? just asking. if it is comfortable to watch, then I might start to watch this....🤷


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